Álvaro Lynch is the stage name of Néstor López, an Argentinian drag queen best known for competing on the first season of The Switch Drag Race, the chilean version of Drag Race.

Farewell Message

"No olviden que Son Las Mejores Den Todo, Las Amo. Mierda, Amigas Alvaro Lynch ♡ 2015." (Don't forget that you are the best, give it your all, love you. Good luck, friends. Alvaro Lynch ♡ 2015.)


  • Álvaro is the first eliminated queen of The Switch Drag Race, and it's considered the show's "Porkchop".
  • At 50, Álvaro is the oldest contestant to compete on the Chilean version.
  • Álvaro appeared in the least amount of episodes of the Season 1 cast, with just three.
  • She is the only queen from Season 1 to be eliminated by the judges vote.
  • Álvaro is the first contestant from the Drag Race franchise to receive 17th place.
    • She is also the lowest placing contestant of the franchise (and all drag-related competitions).
  • She is the first queen that has a name that starts with a character with a diatric (specifically a grave).


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