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Íngrid Elena Cruz Toro is a Chilean television actress, known for her roles in "Brujas" (2005), "Somos los Carmona" (2013-2014) and "Pituca sin lucas" (2014-2015). She functions as a main judge on both seasons of The Switch Drag Race.


Íngrid was born in Antofagasta, Chile on July 1, 1975, she is the daughter of Norman Cruz, a notary and conservator of the city's real estate, and Sara Toro, a secretary.

She studied at the Liceo Experimental Artístico and at the Colegio Instituto Santa María Antofagasta. Then she moved to study acting in Santiago, at the Fernando González Mardones Theater Club Academy, graduating in 1998.

In 2009 she had her first daughter with Leo Scheinffelt, Emilia Scheinffelt, in 2014 she separated from Leo staying alone with Emilia.


She made her television debut with the telenovela Marparaíso (1998) on Channel 13, sharing credits with Cristián Campos and Jorge Zabaleta. Subsequently, she worked for ten years on Channel 13, under the orders of Verónica Saquel.

During this period, she appeared in commercially successful soap operas such as Machos in 2003, Brujas in 2005 and Lola in 2007,3 in which she served to make herself known despite not having a leading role.

In 2009, Channel 13 decided not to renew her contract, because they preferred to empower actresses with a greater role in the television industry, as was the case with Tamara Acosta and Blanca Lewin.

After a time without many television appearances, María Eugenia Rencoret gave her the opportunity to be the antagonist in the daytime soap opera "Esperanza" (2011), with great success. Since then, she has been directing her career towards a more commercial side, becoming an advertising face. She would continue on TVN in "Reserva de familia" (2012) and "Somos los Carmona" (2013).

In 2014 she emigrated to the Mega network. Íngrid got the role of the main antagonist in "Pituca sin lucas" (2014), which ended up being a success. She would remain linked to Mega in various productions; she also served as a judge on the same channel's The Switch Drag Race.


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