The Acting Challenge is a challenge where the contestants are assigned particular roles and their acting skills are put to the test in order to win the maxi-challenge.

This challenge is very comedy-related and usually is a parody of a real TV program or movie.

Acting Challenge Winners

These are the queens who won an Acting Challenge on their respective season.

All Acting Challenges

Episode 3: Country Queens

Queen Role Placement
The McCoys The Hatfields
Tyra Sanchez Baby WINNER
Jessica Wild Critter HIGH
Pandora Boxx Auntie HIGH
Jujubee Ellie Mae SAFE
Morgan McMichaels Grandma SAFE
Sahara Davenport Ellie Mae SAFE
Sonique Auntie SAFE
Tatianna Baby SAFE
Raven Critter BOTTOM 2
Mystique Summers Grandma ELIMINATED

Episode 3: Queens in Space

Queen Role Placement
Team Phoenix Team Mariah
Alexis Mateo Twinbots WINNER
Shangela WINNER
Mariah Paris Balenciaga Boobarella HIGH TEAM
Mimi Imfurst Hermaphrodite HIGH TEAM
Stacy Layne Matthews Lady TaTa HIGH TEAM
Yara Sofia Tweaker HIGH TEAM
Manila Luzon Tweaker SAFE
Raja Hermaphrodite SAFE
India Ferrah Twinbots SAFE
Carmen Carrera LOW
Delta Work Boobarella BOTTOM 2
Phoenix Lady TaTa ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Queens Behind Bars

Queen Role Placement
Team LaQueer Team Willam
Latrice Royale Marge, The Guard WINNER
Chad Michaels Julia HIGH TEAM
Jiggly Caliente Charlotte HIGH TEAM
Phi Phi O'Hara Rose, The Idiot HIGH TEAM
Willam Karen HIGH TEAM
Dida Ritz Julia SAFE
Sharon Needles Rose, The Idiot SAFE
Kenya Michaels Marge, The Guard LOW
Milan Karen BOTTOM 2
Madame LaQueer Charlotte ELIMINATED

Episode 2: Lip Synch Eleganza Extravaganza

Queen Role Placement
Lineysha Sparx Tyra Sanchez WINNER
Honey Mahogany Mystique Summers HIGH TEAM
Ivy Winters Morgan McMichaels HIGH TEAM
Vivienne Pinay Tatianna HIGH TEAM
Alyssa Edwards Shangela HIGH
Coco Montrese Lashauwn Beyond HIGH
Jade Jolie Delta Work HIGH
Jinkx Monsoon Mimi Imfurst HIGH
Roxxxy Andrews Mariah Balenciaga SAFE
Alaska Phi Phi O'Hara LOW
Detox Sharon Needles LOW
Monica Beverly Hillz Jiggly Caliente BOTTOM 2
Serena ChaCha Raja ELIMINATED

Episode 9: Drama Queens

Queen Role Placement
Ella no es Dama Casa de Locas
Jinkx Monsoon The Daughter WINNER
Alaska The Mother HIGH
Roxxxy Andrews The Daughter HIGH
Detox The Maid LOW
Coco Montrese The Maid BOTTOM 2
Alyssa Edwards The Mother ELIMINATED

Episode 3: Scream Queens

Queen Role Placement
Drag Race Me To Hell Drag Race Me To Hell 5
Darienne Lake Scary Head in a Box WINNER
Bianca Del Rio Mrs. Bates HIGH TEAM
Courtney Act Mrs. Hitchcock HIGH TEAM
Joslyn Fox Betty HIGH TEAM
Milk Crazy Mother HIGH TEAM
Trinity K. Bonet Slutty Sally HIGH TEAM
BenDeLaCreme Crazy Mother HIGH
Gia Gunn Becky HIGH
Laganja Estranja Yoga Instructor SAFE
Adore Delano Heather LOW
April Carrión Butch Real Estate Agent BOTTOM 2
Vivacious Scary Head in a Box ELIMINATED

Episode 3: ShakesQueer

Queen Role Placement
Romy and Juliet MacBitch
Max Juliet Capulet


Ginger Minj Romy Montague


Jaidynn Diore Fierce Mercutia Montague


Miss Fame Paris


Mrs. Kasha Davis Lady Cappuccino


Trixie Mattel Desdemona Garcia


Kandy Ho Witch


Katya Mary MacBitch


Violet Chachki Lady MacBitch


Pearl Cheer Coach


Kennedy Davenport Hecate


Jasmine Masters LaQuisha Kiana


Episode 6: Ru Hollywood Stories

Queen Role Placement
Merle's Story Michelle's Story Ru's Story
Katya Merle WINNER
Ginger Minj Michelle HIGH TEAM
Kennedy Davenport RuPaul HIGH TEAM
Max Merle SAFE
Pearl Michelle SAFE
Violet Chachki Michelle SAFE
Miss Fame Merle LOW
Jaidynn Diore Fierce RuPaul BOTTOM 2

Episode 3: RuCo's Empire

Queen Role Placement
Team Naomi Team Naysha
Bob The Drag Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie WINNER
Acid Betty Macaroon HIGH
Thorgy Thor Chocolate Chip Cookie HIGH
Chi Chi DeVayne Shortbread SAFE
Kim Chi Vanilla Wafer SAFE
Naomi Smalls Vanilla Wafer SAFE
Naysha Lopez Shortbread SAFE
Derrick Barry Ginger Snap LOW
Robbie Turner Macaroon BOTTOM 2
Cynthia Lee Fontaine Ginger Snap ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Drag Movie Shequels

Queen Role Placement
Showsquirrels Velma & Weezy Wha' Ha' Happened
To Baby JJ?
Alaska Baby JJ WINNER
Phi Phi O'Hara Mama Versayce TOP 2
Detox Weezy SAFE
Katya Velma BOTTOM 3
Roxxxy Andrews Lil Versayce BOTTOM 3
Alyssa Edwards Bland ELIMINATED

Episode 3: Zombies in Death Valley

Queen Placement
Melissa Befierce WINNER
Vander Von Odd WINNER
Frankie Doom HIGH
Xochi Mochi HIGH
Meatball SAFE
Loris BOTTOM 2

Episode 7: 9021-HO

Queen Role Placement
Trinity Taylor Nelly's Mom WINNER
Shea Couleé Grandrea Zuckerwoman HIGH
Valentina Monna Dartin HIGH
Alexis Michelle Mirror Monna Dartin SAFE
Farrah Moan Nelly SAFE
Peppermint SAFE
Sasha Velour Kat, the lunch lady LOW
Nina Bo'nina Brown Blenda Schmaltz BOTTOM 2
Aja Bethani Glamber Gliessen ELIMINATED

Episode 5: Scream Queens

Queen Placement
Biqtch Puddin WINNER
Disasterina HIGH
James Majesty HIGH
Abhora BOTTOM 3
Victoria Elizabeth Black BOTTOM 3

Episode 7: My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip

Queen Role Placement
Shangela Actavia WINNER
Trixie Mattel Sharon Frockovich TOP 2
Bebe Zahara Benet The Queen BOTTOM 3
Kennedy Davenport La La BOTTOM 3
Morgan McMichaels Beige Swan ELIMINATED

Episode 6: Commercial, commercial

The results reflect only the challenge outcome, not the overall placements of the episode.

Queen Commercial Outcome
B Ella Easy Love, No Attachment WINNER
Dearis Doll WINNER
Amadiva Easy Love, No Wait Time SAFE
Année Maywong Easy Love, Low Cost SAFE
Natalia Pliacam SAFE

Episode 7: Twins

The results reflect only the challenge outcome, not the overall placements of the episode.

Queen Role Outcome
Année Maywong WINNER
Amadiva SAFE
Dearis Doll SAFE
Natalia Pliacam SAFE

Episode 9: Breastworld

Queen Role Placement
Asia O'Hara Para Salin WINNER
Aquaria Sharon Dyslexa HIGH
Monét X Change Viv HIGH
Miz Cracker Julie LOW
Eureka O'Hara Rosi BOTTOM 2
Kameron Michaels Muffy BOTTOM 2

Episode 5: "La Más Dramática"

Queen Role Placement
Sketch #1 Sketch #2
Bárbara Durango Mother WINNER
Eva Blunt Daughter HIGH
Deborah La Grande Mother BOTTOM 2
Margaret Y Ya Daughter BOTTOM 2

Episode 9: Sex and the Kitty, Girl 3

Queen Role Placement
Trinity The Tuck Kim WINNER
Monique Heart K-Jo TOP 2
Monét X Change Kristin BOTTOM 3
Naomi Smalls SJP BOTTOM 3
Latrice Royale Cynthia ELIMINATED

Episode 5: Hollywood Inspirations

Queen Role Placement
Team Thailand Team International
Angele Anang jealous best friend WINNER
Bandit bride ghost WINNER
Genie chef ghost WINNER
Mocha Diva child ghost WINNER
Vanda Miss Joaquim rich lady WINNER
Miss Gimhuay child ghost WINNER*
Srimala chef ghost SAFE
Tormai rich lady LOW
Kana Warrior jealous best friend ELIMINATED
Maya B'Haro bride ghost ELIMINATED
* Miss Gimhuay didn't win the main challenge, but the runway challenge. The scores from both were combined into the final judging and thus, she was declared safe.

Episode 2: Good God Girl, Get Out

Queen Role Placement
Why It Gotta Be Black, Panther? Good God Girl, Get Out
Scarlet Envy Christine WINNER
Yvie Oddly Marnie WINNER
Plastique Tiara Nails HIGH
Shuga Cain Great-Aunt Max'ine HIGH
A'keria Chanel Davenport Rhonda SAFE
Honey Davenport Dragkanda Guard SAFE
Nina West Purple Panther's Mother SAFE
Ra'Jah O'Hara Chicago Panther SAFE
Silky Nutmeg Ganache Mom SAFE
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Dad SAFE
Ariel Versace Sissy LOW
Brooke Lynn Hytes Purple Panther LOW
Mercedes Iman Diamond Earnestine BOTTOM 2
Kahanna Montrese Henrietta ELIMINATED

Episode 4: The Demons Blood

Contestant Role Placement
Evah Destruction Reptilian Warrior WINNER
Hollow Eve Dark Elf Rogue HIGH
Landon Cider Elf Barbarian HIGH
Louisianna Purchase Elf Priestess HIGH
Priscilla Chambers Elf Bard SAFE
Dollya Black Orc Priestess LOW
Maddelynn Hatter Dark Elf Necromancer BOTTOM 2
Maxi Glamour Reptilian Rogue ELIMINATED

Episode 2: Downton Draggy

Queen Role Placement
Team Scaredy Kat Team The Vivienne
Baga Chipz Becky, The Maid WINNER
Sum Ting Wong Lady Carey HIGH TEAM
The Vivienne Craggy Smith HIGH TEAM
Vinegar Strokes Mrs. Scrouse HIGH TEAM
Divina De Campo Mrs. Moo HIGH
Crystal Lady Kylie SAFE
Cheryl Hole Countess Dame
Judy Dense
Blu Hydrangea Poor Michelle BOTTOM 2
Scaredy Kat Lady Edie ELIMINATED

Episode 3: Fairytale

The queens are challenged, before the weekly live performances, to act in "Rot-Dragchen und der böse Wolf" ("Little Red Dragging Hood and the Evil Wolf"), a parody of "Little Red Riding Hood". The queens who got the 4 highest scores the week prior don't have to partake in the challenge, and instead serve as a "jury" to the other queens. Hayden Kryze is declared as the worst in the challenge, and is eliminated before the weekly live performances, while the other queens are safe. At the weekly live performances, Catherrine Leclery receives the highest total score and is awarded the title of Queen of the Week, while Candy Crash receives the lowest score and is eliminated.

The results reflect only the challenge outcome, not the overall placements of the episode.

Immunity Queen Role Placement
No Catherrine Leclery Grandmother SAFE
Yes Yoncé Banks SAFE
Bambi Mercury SAFE
Katy Bähm SAFE
No Vava Vilde Hunter/Narrator SAFE
Yes Aria Addams SAFE
No Candy Crash Big Bad Wolf SAFE
Hayden Kryze Rot-Dragchen ELIMINATED

Episode 5: Words in Your Mouth

Queen Role Placement
Team Spankie Team Elektra
Miss Geena robot WINNER
Claire Voyant mommy SAFE
Elektra Shock baby SAFE
Willy SmacknTush daddy SAFE
Lilly Loca daddy SAFE
Spankie Jackzon mommy BOTTOM 2
Jen Tré Fire
Anita Wigl'it
drunkie QUIT
Jen Tré Fire was supposed to play the role of "drunkie", but decided to quit the competition right before the challenge, and so she was replaced by host Anita Wigl'it.

Episode 5: Gay's Anatomy

Queen Role Placement
Sherry Pie Dr. Mother Gay WINNER
Aiden Zhane Henny HIGH
Gigi Goode Dr. Tizzy Stevens HIGH
Jackie Cox Dr. Meredith Gay #1 HIGH
Jan Dr. Meredith Gay #2 HIGH
Widow Von'Du Mimi Dearest HIGH
Crystal Methyd Fork Queen #2 SAFE
Jaida Essence Hall Rhonda Shimes SAFE
Brita Dr. Sandra Okurr LOW
Heidi N Closet Fork Queen #1 BOTTOM 2
Nicky Doll Baby Dearest ELIMINATED

Episode 2: Her-itage Moments

Queen Role Placement
Team BOA
"Burnt Tuck"
Team Anastarzia
Lemon Lisette WINNER
Jimbo Premier Cisman HIGH
Kiara Maggie Shatwood HIGH
Priyanka unsaid HIGH
Anastarzia Anaquway Dr. Wilma Hennyfield SAFE
Ilona Verley Vegan SAFE
Rita Baga Butch Nurse SAFE
Scarlett BoBo Tara SAFE
BOA Nellie LOW
Tynomi Banks unsaid BOTTOM 2
Kyne unsaid ELIMINATED

Episode 3: Drama Queens

Queen Role Placement
Sederginne TBA HIGH
ChelseaBoy TBA HIGH
Envy Peru TBA TBA
Janey Jacké TBA TBA
Madame Madness TBA LOW
Megan Schoonbrood TBA ELIMINATED



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