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Aisha Dollkills is a Costa Rican-Mexican drag performer and one of the contestants on the fifth season of La Más Draga.

Drag Name Origin

The name Aisha came from her childhood friends, who would regularly call her Aisha, as well as other names, whenever they saw her dance. When she started drag, she went with Aisha in appreciation for them and their support. For Dollkills, she combined Doll, which is what she considers herself as, and Kills from her drag house: Kiki House of Kills.[3][4]

Track Record(s)

Aisha Dollkills
Seasons Competed: LMD 5
Ranking: 8th Place
(Orig. 11th)
Points Total / Average: 45 11.3
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Times in Bottom: 3 (Eps. 1, 3, 7)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 3,
Episode 7

Memorable Quotes

La Más Draga Season 5

  • "Aisha Dollkills es mucha sensualidad, seguridad, baile, presencia. Lo viene a dar todo y ustedes agárrense porque esta muñeca trae un rostro que cuando lo ven, se quedan hipnotizados."
  • "Quedé impactado de que haya dos gemelas… ¡de que sean jotas y de que sean travestis!" (about Isabella y Catalina).
  • "No me imaginé que el reto consistiera en entrar de mujer y salir de hombre, toda derretida." (following the underwater photoshoot).
  • "Apenas ven una muñeca de este tipo y se la quieren comer."
  • "¡Ay ya péguense!" (during the argument between Liza Zan Zuzzi and Peke Balderas).
  • "Mírate cómo estás toda deformada. Estas envidiada por estas chiches divinas que me puso tu mujer." (during Caso Dragueado).
  • "Mi mamá es una estrella. ¡Miren a la muñeca que parió!"
  • "Y bueno así es la vida. Que tenga que suceder lo que tenga que suceder. Así son las competencias."
  • "Antes de llegar acá estuve pasando por muchas cosas y por un momento vi la posibilidad de estar acá súper imposible. Me robaron, me estafaron, me tocó ir a mi país cuando no tenía dinero. Es por eso que quiero agradecerles por no dejarme solo, por no haber dejado que mi sueño se fuera abajo. Hay cosas que uno no olvida, y eso es cuando a uno lo ayudan."
  • "Me voy muy feliz porque la oportunidad no se me quitó de las manos y se pudo dar hasta donde se pudo" (following her elimination).
  • "¡Me veo espectacular!" (upon placing her picture on the Drag Altar).


  • Aisha is the first contestant from Costa Rica to compete on La Más Draga.
  • She started doing drag at the age of 16. She recalls watching La Más Draga (Season 1) while practicing her makeup skills.[5]
  • She previously went by Aisha Smalls, in reference to Naomi Smalls, and later Aisha Vittar.[6]
  • Aisha has commented that she experienced a variety of unfortunate events leading to her participation on the show that almost made her quit before the competition began:[7]
    • On March 2022, two days before receiving the call for the season, her apartment was broken into and most of her things were stolen, save for a few wigs.[8]
    • A few days after the incident with her apartment, she got scammed while trying to buy a new cellphone, which was one of her things that was stolen.[9]
    • On April 2022, while working in Mexico, Aisha was detained by the National Institute of Migration (INM) due to having an expired work permit. Several other drag performers joined to collect funds in order to hire a lawyer, which allowed her to be released with the condition of leaving the country within the next 20 days.[10]
  • Aisha also performs as a drag king under the name El Mae.[9]
  • Her looks for La Más Artesanal and La Más del Toro were designed by Season 3 winner, Aviesc Who?.[11][12]
  • She was the sixth contestant to fall on the main stage of La Más Draga after Gvajardo, Iviza Lioza, Raga Diamante, Elektra Vandergeld and Deseos Fab.
    • Aisha and Deseos became the first pair of contestants to fall on the same episode.
  • She was the fourth contestant on La Más Draga to replace another one in the bottom after Alexis 3XL, Huntyy B and Leexa Fox, replacing Light King on La Más A Color.
  • Interestingly, in both episodes where she was eliminated, Aisha did not have one of the two lowest scores, meaning she wouldn't have been up for elimination in a regular episode.
    • Aisha wasn't even part of the bottom three on La Más A Color, having a higher score than Light King, Huma Kyle and Gretha White. However, Light King and Huma had won immunity, meaning she would be the one to lip sync against Gretha.
    • She only had the third lowest score on La Más Tejocote, scoring higher than Light King and Peke Balderas. However, that episode featured a bottom three instead.
    • Coincidentally, in both episodes, Aisha had the same score of 12.
  • She and Gretha White shared a romantic fling since the auditions for La Más Draga (Season 5) and all throughout the filming and airing of the season.[3]
  • Between all her looks for the season, Aisha spent approximately MXN $45,000 (USD $2,275).[3]
  • Aisha is the third comeback contestant on La Más Draga, after Aviesc Who? and Huma Kyle.
    • She and Huma are the first pair of contestants to return on the same season, albeit not at the same time.


La Más Draga Season 5

La Más Draga Season 5 Looks

La Más Draga Season 6

La Más Draga Season 6 Looks


La Más Draga Season 5


Web Series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2022 La Más Draga (Season 5) Self Contestant (Placed 8th) [13]
2022 El Salseo (Season 3) Self Contestant [14]
2022 Tú Las Traes (Season 4) Self Episodes 2-3, 5-7 [15]
2022 El Velatorio (Season 2) Self Episodes 3, 6 [16]
2022 Espacio LMD (Season 1) Self Episode 3 [9]


Year Title Artist(s) Album Ref.
2022 Mae Aisha Dollkills La Más Draga 5. Vol 2 [17]

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