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Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, also known as Alaska Thunderfuck, Alaska 5000, or simply Alaska, is an American drag queen, performer, and acting / music artist known for being a Season 5 runner-up of RuPaul's Drag Race, as well as the All Stars 2 winner.


Alaska studied Theater at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, California to get more acting jobs and there started doing drag professionally.

Alaska met Sharon Needles during a holiday break while visiting Pittsburgh. Shortly thereafter, she moved back too. They were in a relationship for four years.

During Season 4, Sharon explained that Alaska had auditioned for every single season of "RuPaul's Drag Race", but that Sharon had made it through on her first try. Alaska later explained that while she was upset at first about Sharon's success, she decided it was better to be her biggest fan. They were announced as the drag race "royal couple" and "super couple" until Alaska and Sharon announced their separation on December 19, 2013, explaining that it was the best thing to do, but they are still good friends.

Name Origin[]

"Alaska Thunderfuck" comes from Alaskan Thunderfuck, which is a strain of cannabis. The 5000 came one night when she named her drag daughter Petunia Bonapart 5000. She liked the 5000 at the end of the name, and decided to tack it onto the end of her name as well.[3]

Drag Family[]

Alaska's drag mother is Jer Ber Jones, who mentored her when she moved to Los Angeles. She also has 2 drag daughters, Nebraska Thunderfuck (who was put in drag for the first time by Alaska during Season 5's makeover challenge and later appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race Vegas Revue), and Nevada Thunderfuck.

Track Record(s)[]

Statistics USA Season 5 USA All Stars
Season 2
Ranking: 2nd/3rd Place
1st Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 8, 11) 4 (Eps. 2, 4, 5, 6)
Mini Challenges Won: 4 (Eps. 3, 7, 10, 11) 2 (Eps. 1, 6)
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 3) 0
Times in Bottom: 0 1 (Ep. 7)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 14 N/A

Entrance Quotes[]

Season 5[]


All Stars 2[]

"Greetings, my message for the human race is really quite simple...HIEEEE!"

Memorable Quotes[]

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5[]

  • "HIEEEE!" (a phrase coined by Ongina and then popularized by Alaska)
  • "Are you red...E for me?"
  • "I live for Chaz Bono. Chaz Bono came out of Cher's vagina!"
  • "It is so good, I just wanna spray it all over mah body right now."
  • "Michelle Visage, you can take the girl out of New Jersey, but you can't keep the girl from giving blow jobs to homeless men along the New Jersey Turnpike."
  • "Please stop immediately."
  • "RuPaul is so old, her colostomy bag is made of wood."
  • "I don't even know what a Rolodex is."
  • "Down with communism."
  • "Your makeup is terrible!"
  • "I'd like everyone to meet: Lil' Poundcake. Her catchphrase is 'You're not my real dad and you never will be'. Lil' Poundcake enjoys ridin' dirty and bein' a straight up motherfuckin' dick pig."
  • "Alyssa is doing her dance moves, and she's dressed like a businesswoman of the eighties who doesn't want romance without finance."
  • "How do I feel about queens who've had plastic surgery? Jealous. If I had my way, my upper lip would look like this: *does a weird face*"
  • "I don't wanna read these girls, I love them so much, *puts glasses on* alright, let's go."
  • "Alyssa Edwards, Miss US-oh wait." (To Alyssa in the Reading Challenge)
  • "Detox, you're so seductive. Unfortunately, it's illegal to do it with you because most of your parts are under 18 years of age."
  • "Long story short, the season of the fish smells like trout." (closing Season 5's "Reading is Fundamental" challenge)
  • "Well Julie, I just wrote ANUS." (as Lady Bunny on "Snatch Game")
  • "Can I assssk you a question?"

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2[]

  • "Let's get all star-ted!"
  • "Anus-thing is possible."
  • "You better get it Hannibal Lecter, you look great, are you wearing that down the runway mama?" (on Alyssa Edwards' beauty mask)
  • "Bam."
  • "Don't worry, if drag doesn't work out, you will always have something to fall back on: your backrolls." (to Alyssa Edwards during an "All Stars 2" stand-up comedy challenge)
  • "Stunning. Fierce. And yellow."
  • "My name is Alaska, whats yours?"
  • "Drag fucking hurts."
  • "Well, I'll give you $10,000 if you let me stay, before taxes, I'll transfer it to you via PayPal, because I NEED to stay in this competition." (to Detox)
  • "When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad I get a serious vanareal disease arnggghhh!" (as Mae West on "Snatch Game")
  • Adore Cilantro! (to Adore Delano after she entered the werkroom on All Stars 2)
  • "I beat around the bush all the time what are ya' talking about arnggghhh!" (as Mae West on "Snatch Game")
  • "Why don't you come up and fuck me in the ass sometime, arnggghhh!" (as Mae West on "Snatch Game")
  • "Soup of the day, Vivienne Pinay!"
  • Hey, girls, my name's Alaska. I got a tiny little question to ask ya. Who's that bitch that's on the top? Oh, wait, that's me! Hey, Porkchop! You're born naked, the rest is drag. But your face just needs a paper bag. Gimme a challenge and I'll crush you all. Changin' the game like my name's RuPaul. Line 'em up, front to back. I'm sendin' bitches home like a heart attack. Mess with me and you'll wind up in a casket. I'm Dorothy, you're Toto, get in the basket! I'll read you down beneath the ground. Could you hold my purse while I snatch the crown? Legacy, remember my name. 'Cause you're gonna see me hangin' in the hall of fame! (Verse in Read U Wrote U)
  • "Anus."


  • Alaska started doing drag in 2007.[4]
  • Alaska is one of six Drag Race alumni to be portrayed in Snatch Game, not counting RuPaul, having been portrayed by Roxxxy Andrews. She is the third alum to be portrayed in Snatch Game, after Sharon Needles, and Alyssa Edwards.
    • She is also the only one to be on the same Snatch Game as the queen portraying her.
  • Alaska, along with Detox and Roxxxy Andrews, formed a close bond on Season 5 and named themselves "Rolaskatox". This bond continued on All Stars 2.
  • She, Latrice Royale, and Jujubee are the only queens in herstory to win the 'Reading is Fundamental' challenge twice.
  • Alaska is a part of the "AAA Girls (American Apparel Ad Girls)", alongside Courtney Act and Willam.
  • Along with Trixie Mattel and RuPaul, she was made into a Funko Pop! figurine; they were later joined by Jinkx Monsoon, Katya, and Sharon Needles.
  • As an acting artist, she played "Dr. Frank N. Furter" in the Woodlawn Theatre production of "The Rocky Horror Show" and starred in movies such as "The Quiet Room" and "The Last Sharknado".
  • She was on the cast of the VH1's reality show "Scared Famous".
  • She was featured in some editions of the album "Christmas Queens".
  • Alaska is the second queen to quit a mini-challenge, with the first being Tatianna who quit the "Reading is Fundamental" challenge.
  • Despite placing low three times during Season 5, she never had to lip-sync for her life. This makes her one of ten queens to never lip-sync for her life while on the show.
  • Alaska is tied with Asia O'Hara for winning the second most mini-challenges from her original season, with a total of 4. She is only beaten by Detox, who won 5.
  • She had auditioned for every single season before making it onto Season 5.
  • After appearing on Season 5, she became addicted to drugs but was sober by the time of filming "All Stars 2".[citation needed]
  • She and fellow "All Stars 2" contestant Katya are one of seven pairs of queens to lip-sync against each other twice, The other pairs being BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake, BenDeLaCreme and Shangela, Eureka and Aquaria, Eureka and Kameron Michaels, Monique Heart and Trinity The Tuck, and Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes.
  • While on "All Stars 2" she was criticized (along with Detox) and labeled a "snake" for sending home stronger queens while keeping Roxxxy Andrews, despite Roxxxy placing in the bottom five times during the season.
  • She is the second runner-up who never placed in the bottom 2 while the winner of her season did. The first was Nina Flowers, the third was Kim Chi, the fourth was Divina De Campo, and the fifth was Gigi Goode;
    • She is also the second queen to never place in the bottom two on her original season but be up for elimination at least once on her "All Stars" season, with Nina Flowers being the first queen to do so in All Stars 1 with Tammie Brown (Team Brown Flowers).
    • She is the second runner-up to not place in the bottom two on her original season, with the first being Nina Flowers, who was later followed by Courtney Act, Kim Chi and Gigi Goode.
  • Following Team Shad on All Stars 1, Alaska became the third queen to win 3 challenges in a row on All Stars 2. She was followed by Natalia Pliacam and Manila Luzon (on All Stars 4).
  • She won every mini-challenge on All Stars 2.
  • She appeared in the most seasons out of all the winners of Drag Race, appearing on seven seasons in total. Alaska first appeared on the Season 3 casting special, 2nd on Season 4, 3rd on Season 5, 4th on Season 7, 5th on All Stars 2, 6th on All Stars 3, and 7th on All Stars 4. She is followed by Chad Michaels, who appeared in six seasons.
  • Her Season 5 pageant queen, Lil' Poundcake, was turned into a doll that you can buy that speaks when its stomach is pressed.
  • She is the first All Stars winner to win every lip-sync for your legacy that she was in. She would be followed by Shea Couleé and Kylie Sonique Love.
  • Alaska is the only queen to lip-sync in a final in a full painted body (this is in Read U Wrote You).
  • In 2017, Alaska guest judged on the fourth episode of the second season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula.
  • Alaska guest-judged on Episode 5 of the reality television show Cooked with Cannabis.
  • Alaska has won more mini challenges than any other queen, with a total of 6, winning 4 on Season 5 and 2 on All Stars 2.
  • Alongside Courtney Act and Willam, Alaska appeared in the Little Mix music video for ‘Power’.
  • Alaska was the first person to put Lemon in drag.[citation needed]
  • She is the first queen to win four maxi-challenges on an All Star season.
  • She is the first queen to win two, three and four maxi-challenges on an All Star season, with the "Top 2 Format".
  • She is the first queen to win two and three "Top 2 Lip Syncs", on an All Star season.
  • Alaska won her high school Prom King.[5]
  • Alaska is the only queen to forfeit from participating in a Mini Challenge, occurring during the first episode of Season 5.


RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5[]

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 Looks[]

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2[]

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2 Looks[]

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4[]

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Looks[]

Drag Den Season 2[]

Drag Den Season 2 Looks[]


Pit Stop[]


Solo Albums[]

  • "Anus" (2015)
    • (Tracklist: 1. Hieee 2. Anus 3. Pussy 4. Beard 5. This is My Hair 6. Nails - Piano Introduction ft. Jeremy Mark Mikush 7. Nails 8. Gimme All Your Money ft. Laganja Estranja 8. Everything Tonight 10. Best Night Ever 11. The Shade of It All ft. Courtney Act & Willam 12. Legendary 13. Killer 14. Your Makeup is Terrible)
  • "Poundcake" (2016)
    • (Tracklist: 1. The T ft. Adore Delano 2. Let's Do Drag ft. Lady Red Couture 3. Slaytina 4. Stun ft. Gia Gunn 5. Puppet 6. O, Brasil... 7. Come to Brazil 8. Diamond in The Rough 9. High 10. Chicken ft. Miss Fame 11. Race Chaser 12. I Invented That ft. Jackie Beat 13. It is What It Is ft. Nick Laughlin & Jeremy Mark Mikush)
  • "Vagina" (2019)
    • (Tracklist: 1. Vagina 2. Leopard Print 3. Everybody Wants to Fuck Me 4. Walk into the Club 5. Getting Kicked out (Of Mickey's on a Monday Night) 6. Cellulite ft. Big Dipper 7. Drip (Jodie Harsh Mix) 8. Snaked (Ellis Miah Mix) 9. Frances 10. Pride 11. Twisted 12. The Land of the Midnight Sun

Part of Alaska & Jeremy

  • "Amethyst Journey" (2018)
    • (Tracklist: 1. Aliens 2. Truth in the Light 3. So Far Gone 4.The Wind 5. Son of a Mother 6. The End of the World 7. Ascension 8. At the End of the Day)

Solo Singles[]

  • "Ru Girl" (2013)
  • "Valentina" (2017)
  • "Snaked" (2018)

The AAA Girls' Albums[]

  • "Access All Areas" (2018) (Tracklist: 1. AAA 2. A Lacefront Like This 3. Dear Uber Driver 4. Pride or Die 5. Heather? ft. Stacy Layne Matthews 6. Tuck Tape 7. When The Water Runs Clear 8. Meet & Greet)

The AAA Girls' Singles[]

  • "Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man" (2014)


  • "Let's Get Something Started" (2013) by Candy Apple Blue ft. Alaska
  • "Can I Get An Amen?" (2013) by RuPaul ft. Drag Race Season 5 Cast
  • "Kai Kai" (2013) by Sharon Needles ft. Ana Matronic & Alaska
  • "I Look Fuckin' Cool" (2014) by Adore Delano ft. Alaska
  • "American Apparel Ad Girls" (2014) by Willam ft. Alaska & Courtney Act
  • "Ride for AIDS" (2015) by Willam ft. Alaska
  • "Miss Fame" (2015) by Miss Fame ft. Alaska
  • "Read U Wrote U" (2016) by RuPaul ft. Alaska, Detox, Katya & Roxxxy Andrews
  • "Yet Another Dig" (2017) by Bob The Drag Queen ft. Alaska
  • "Shade" (2018) by Cake Moss ft. Alaska
  • "All This Body" (2018) by Jiggly Caliente ft. Alaska & Ginger Minj
  • "America's Sweetheart" (2018) by Blair St. Clair ft. Alaska
  • "La China Mas Latina" (2018) by Gia Gunn ft. Alaska
  • "Where Are The Jokes?" by Trinity The Tuck ft. Alaska

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