Amelia Waldorf (often shortened to just Amelia on the show) is the stage name of Amelia Chávez Quezada. She is a contestant and the winner of La Más Querida (a title equivalent to Miss Congeniality) from the second season of the Youtube Show La Más Draga.

Track Record(s)

Amelia Waldorf
Season Competed LMD 2
Ranking: 6th
La Más Querida
La Más Volada
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Times Placed High: 0
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 2 (Eps. 1, 5)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 5


  • Her drag mother is Margaret Y Ya (of season 1) and Gvajardo (of season 2).
    • This makes Amelia the drag sister of fellow season 2 queen Soro Nasty and season 3 contestants Yayoi Bowery and Memo Reyri.
    • This makes Amelia and Soro the first two queens to compete alongside their drag mother as well as drag sister.
    • Amelia, along with Memo and Yayoi, also made a brief appearance during Margaret's finale performance at the Season 1 finale.
  • Amelia lost her second lip sync against her drag sister, Soro Nasty.
  • After it was revealed that her and Alexis 3XL broke the rules by revealing confidential information of the show, they were placed in the bottom two as punishment on the first episode. Yet, neither of them was eliminated.
    • However, unlike Alexis, Amelia would've been still in the bottom due to her performance in the challenge.
  • She came out as a non-binary transgender woman in April 2020.

Drag Family

House of Y Ya

Margaret Y Ya
Amelia Waldorf
Memo Reyri
Soro Nasty
Yayoi Bowery


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