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Ana Locking, born Ana González Rodríguez,[1] is a Spanish fashion designer and judge on Drag Race España.


In 1997, Ana Gonzalez founded with Óscar Benito Locking Shocking, a ready-to-wear label claiming to maintain "strong ties with other artistic disciplines". The team received accolades: in 2003, the young designer's Premio L'Oreal and in 2004, from the Spanish Marie Claire, a Gran Prix de la moda. Their partnership lasted until 2007, when the label disappeared further to the decision of their business partner, Humana Cultura y Comunicación.

In 2008 she launched alone a new ready-to-wear label, Ana Locking, which also received accolades: in 2008, the Premio L'Oréal and in 2009, the Premio Mujer Fun Fearless Female, awarded by the Spanish Cosmopolitan.

At the end of 2020, she won the 2020 National Fashion Design Award for "combining fashion design and social pulse, connecting with contemporary artistic movements and practices. She expands the canons of beauty and reflects the gender issue and the diversity of being. In addition, her work as a teacher of the new generations and the coherence and continuity of her work are valued".[2]

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  • In 2020, Locking was diagnosed with breast cancer, a few days later she underwent surgery and started radiotherapy. In July 2020, it was confirmed that she was cured.[3]


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