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Anetra is an American drag performer and one of the contestants of the fifteenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin[]

"Anetra" was the name of a stripper that she used to work with - she chose the name because Anetra was "the hottest thing she ever saw in her life".

Track Record(s)[]

Statistics USA Season 15
Ranking: 2nd Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 3 (Eps. 2, 12, 13)
Mini Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 9, 11)
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 3)
Times in Bottom: 2 (Eps. 11, 14)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 16

Memorable Quotes[]

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15[]

  • "What?" (entrance quote)
  • “Hey bitches, it’s your girl Anetra, the Sin City bombshell from Las Vegas, Nevada.”
  • ”Not great skin, but she does in drag.”
  • ”Disgusting.”
  • "Is that Sasha Colby?!"
  • ”I’m giving you splits, dips, getting some chips and eating some dip, we’re doing everything.”
  • She looks like a lovely white lady.”
  • ”Bitch, RuPaul’s Waterboarding Race.”
  • ”I’m from Sin City, I know how to play poker, bitch.”
  • "It might be Christmas because the whole thing is just giving."
  • "You better walk that fucking duck!"
  • ”Guys, do you smell that? It smells like something’s burning, is that.. my pussy? Yes.”
  • "Oh my god, does anybody have a fire extinguisher?"
  • "This bitch just did a triple-double-whatever it is and lands on her titties? Ever so gently?"
  • “Crashed from the Planet Cunt in 3035.”
  • Luxxamillion.”
  • “I’m from Nevada.” (as Gorgena Ramsay in the Snatch Game)
  • She’s busted.” (as Gorgena Ramsay in the Snatch Game)
  • “You know, white people like horses.”
  • ”Save a horse, ride a Carson.”
  • "♪ Old dirty bitch, but she's on the beat. Call it menopause, 'cause mama's in heat. I may be 86, but I could slip your disk. Bounce up and down, but you know it's high risk. I may be sweet, but I got tea to spill. Can't keep it up, then you're out of the will. Will, will, will. Smack it like will. Is Will my grandson? ♪" (Verse in Golden Hips)
  • "Get the fuck off my lawn!" (Ad-libs in Golden Hips)
  • “I want metal.”
  • ”I’m representing the Las Vegas state bird, which is the prostitute.”
  • ”You know, I’ve never heard Cardi B in a eulogy before. I guess there really is some hoes in this house.” (during Daytona Winds 2)
  • “I’m gonna LaLa that fucking PaRUza.”
  • ”We’re ready to battle it out in these lipsyncs until one of these other girls goes home- emphasis on “other”. (mouthing) Not me.”
  • "Get ready Marcia im about to show you who's boss, bitch!" (Before her lip sync against Marcia Marcia Marcia)
  • "Time is of the Jaida Essence Hall."
  • "Oop! Oh no! (After hitting the mic while celebrating her mini-challenge win).
  • "It looks dangerous. It looks like it might hurt you. But, don't worry, it's actually very very...I'm lying, it's very painful". (when talking about her Crystalised Eleganza runway look)
  • "I want Heaven. No, I want Heaven. Welcome to Heaven-gate."
  • "Stomping on roaches, and walking these ducks, make my way on the runway, Anetra bout to pump. I twist, I whip, I dip, hair flip, slash that eye, gloss that lip, a total ten, ya girls a hit." (Verse in Blame It On The Edit)
  • "Ain't no rest for this bitch face." (during Reunion)
  • "Spice, you need some." (unaired read)
  • "Any brown man over 6 foot". (when asked by RuPaul what her 'kryptonite' was)


  • "Divalicious… die-valicious, ‘cause you’ll die. Live and die at the same time." (during Meet The Queens)
  • "If another queen comes for me in the competition, I’m gonna go just like this: Do you feel better? Are we done? Werk! (silence while spinning in chair) …and we move on!" (during Meet The Queens)
  • "Thigh-high boot." (during Toot or Boot: Holiday Edition)
  • “Have you seen the promo? Have you seen the look? Have you heard the voice? She really is that girl!” (during Meet The Queens)



RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15[]

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Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 15) Self Contestant (2nd Place)
RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked (Season 14)

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