Aria Addams is one of the ten contestants and the 1st Runner-Up of the first season of Queen of Drags. She is a runner-up alongside fellow contestant Vava Vilde, placing second overall.

Drag Name Origin

The parts of her name are related to two different characters of television shows: "Aria" comes from Arya Stark, of Game of Thrones, while her last name comes from The Addams Family and its homonymous show

Track Record(s)

Aria Addams
Season Competed QoD 1
Ranking: 2nd
Total of Points: 85
Times as "Queen of the Week": 0
Episode Eliminated: Episode 6

Memorable Quotes

  • Last words after elimination: "I hope people see that there is so much more to us." (posted on QoD's Instagram)


  • Aria started doing drag after she and her ex-boyfriend went to a drag show.
  • Aria's slogan - "The tragedy in an evening dress" - came after her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, signed up on a dating app, and wrote the phrase in it referring to her. She found it funny and since then it became her catchphrase.


Queen of Drags S1 Looks

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