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Arianda Sodi Miranda is a Chilean drag queen best known for competing on the first and second seasons of The Switch Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

She is a huge fan of Mexican singer Thalía, whose full name is Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda.

She swapped the "d" and the "n" in Ariadna, when her girl friend said the phrase "Ari, anda a lá panadería." (Ari, go to the bakery) and she decided to use it as her drag name. Ari is a shortened and affectionate version of Ariel, Arianda's real name.[1]


  • Arianda is the second Chilean queen to return to the competition in Season 1, on episode 17.
  • Arianda is the first returning queen from Season 1 to be eliminated in Season 2.
  • Arianda came back in both seasons. She is the first and only queen to be eliminated and later return in two different seasons.
  • Arianda is the first queen to be eliminated a total of 4 times. She is followed by Latrice Royale.


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