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Ariel is not to be confused with Ariel Rec or Ariel Versace

Ariel, also known as Ariel The Top, It's Ariel or It's Ariel The Top,[1] is a Mexican drag performer and one of the contestants on the sixth season of La Más Draga.

Drag Name Origin[]

Her original full drag name is It's Ariel The Top, with Ariel being one of her real names and The Top coming from The Top Puerto Vallarta, the club where she initially began doing drag and where she used to work regularly. However, she occasionally drops the latter part of her name after ending her working relationship with the club in seemingly poor terms. She still uses the name from time to time though, but now as a reference to the sexual position instead.[6]

Track Record(s)[]

Seasons Competed: LMD 6
Ranking: 9th Place
Points Total / Average: 111 15.86
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 4)
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 2)
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 7)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 7

Memorable Quotes[]

La Más Draga Season 6[]

  • TBA


  • She and Mizz Peaches are the first contestants from the state of Nayarit to compete on La Más Draga.
  • Her audition runway, promo, La Más Monumental and La Más Picada looks were designed by La Más Draga (Season 3) winner, Aviesc Who?.[7][8][9][10]
  • Ariel has confessed that she has several drag mothers. Among these are Sophia Jiménez, Job Star, and fellow contestant, Mizz Peaches.[11][12][13]
  • For La Más Frida, Ariel originally planned on wearing the suit that Tóxico used on that episode. Tóxico, instead, would wore the dress and be in full drag, with both of them together referencing the painting Las Dos Fridas. However, she was informed that she could not drag up Tóxico nor shave him.[14]
  • Ariel, alongside Aries and Cattriona, is part of the first shared win between three contestants on La Más Draga.
  • For Feminosas Lunares, Ariel was initially assigned the character of Feminosa Marte, just like La Kyliezz. Between the two, Ariel was the one asked to change it, as the producers believed she was more capable of adapting to these modifications.[13]
    • The look she ended up wearing for the musical was from Mizz Peaches, who was originally assigned the character of Feminosa Neptuno. Inversely, the outfit Peaches wore as Feminosa Marte was from Ariel.[13]
  • Due to Marisol González's particular enunciation when announcing the winner of La Más Nahual, Ariel ended up mishearing Aries as Ariel and fully believed she had won. During the episode, she can be seen celebrating for a brief second before immediately turning to Aries.[15]
  • Made almost entirely with real blue pewter spoons, her La Más Azul Peltre look weighted over 65 pounds.[13]


La Más Draga Season 6[]

La Más Draga Season 6 Looks[]

La Más Draga: Solo Las Más Season 1[]

La Más Draga: Solo Las Más Season 1 Looks[]


La Más Draga Season 6[]


Web Series[]

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 La Más Draga (Season 6) Self Contestant (Placed 9th) [16]
El Salseo (Season 4) Self Contestant [17]
El Velatorio (Season 3) Self Guest (Episode 5) [18]
Tú Las Traes (Season 5) Self Guest (Episodes 6 - 8) [19]

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