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Aries is not to be confused with Aries Night

Aries is a Mexican drag performer and one of the contestants on the sixth season of La Más Draga.

Drag Name Origin[]

Aries chose this name in reference to her astrological sign after she found out that her sun, moon and rising signs were all Aries. She also liked the name because it was short, strong, easy to remember and was already imbued with a plethora of meanings.[4]

Track Record(s)[]

Seasons Competed: LMD 6
Ranking: 4th Place
Points Total / Average: 161 17.89
Maxi Challenges Won: 3 (Eps. 2, 4, 6)
Mini Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 2, 9)
Times in Bottom: 0
Episode Eliminated: Episode 12

Memorable Quotes[]

La Más Draga Season 6[]

  • TBA


  • Aries was the first contestant confirmed to be cast for La Más Draga (Season 6).
  • She received the call to be on the season just hours before being confirmed to be cast.[5]
    • She has admitted to feeling confident about being called for this season, which made it more crushing when the producers initially pranked her and told her that they only called her by mistake.[5]
    • Aries commented that she was surprised when she was confirmed to be cast alongside the selected auditionees, as the producers told her that she was a secret contestant and therefore, would not be revealed until the season premiered.[5]
  • Aries was also chosen as one of the 30 contestants that participated in the live auditions for La Más Draga (Season 5). However, she didn't end up being cast.
    • The producers have revealed that Aries was just one spot away of being selected for this season.[6]
  • Aries, alongside Ariel and Cattriona, is part of the first shared win between three contestants on La Más Draga.
  • She has been a vegetarian for over ten years and has slowly been attempting to transition into veganism.[7]
  • Based on the scores of the finale, the producers have revealed that Aries ended up placing fourth on La Más Draga (Season 6).[8]


La Más Draga Season 5[]

La Más Draga Season 5 Looks[]

La Más Draga Season 6[]

La Más Draga Season 6 Looks[]


La Más Draga Season 6[]


Web Series[]

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2022 La Más Draga (Season 5) Self Selected Auditionee [9]
2023 La Más Draga (Season 6) Self Contestant (Placed 4th) [10]
El Salseo (Season 4) Self Contestant [11]

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