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Arizona Brandy is a Filipino drag performer and one of the Mudras of the first season of Mudrakels.[4]

She later became one of the contestants on the second season of Drag Race Philippines.


Arizona effortlessly fuses together a pedestrian-chic style and her own brand of humor, drawing audiences in with her irresistible presence. A self-proclaimed Adele impersonator, Arizona takes the stage by storm at Rapture, a popular drag bar in Cubao, and is a drag mother to the Rapture Royalties. With a mischievous grin, she utters her iconic catchphrase, "Shot puno!" as she downs a full bottle of beer, perfectly embodying her philosophy of not taking life, or drag, too seriously.[5]

Drag Name Origin

Her original drag name was Arizona Balyena. She decided to replace her last name with "Brandy" because of her fondness with drinking.[6]

Track Record(s)

As mentor:

Statistics Mudrakels Season 1
Ranking: 5th/6th Place
(Orig. 6th-8th Place)
(shared with her drag child Jean Vilogue)
Drag Child: Jean Vilogue
Episode Won
by Drag Child:
Episode 10
(to return and advance to finale)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 4
Episode 10

As contestant:

Seasons Competed: Philippines Season 2
Ranking: 2nd Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 8)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 2 (Eps. 3, 9)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 10

Memorable Quotes

Mudrakels Season 1

  • "Tara na, mars... Tagay na!" (during the Mudra reveal)
  • "Ang saya-saya ng drag; bakit mo seseryosohin masyado?"
  • "'Wag ka masyadong palaaway kasi liliit yung mundo mo. So, dapat respeto pa rin sa mga nakakatanda." (her words of advice to her drag child Jean Vilogue in Episode 3)
  • "'Di ba, Love Has Come My Way... Bakit naging si Superman?" (when asked why Gorgeous Dawn's drag child Emily Chon should not win the Boogie Wonderland in Episode 4)
  • "Ang dami nating prinaktis, natalo ka pa rin? Ayoko na." (after her drag child Jean Vilogue lost the Boogie Wonderland in Episode 4)

Drag Race Philippines Season 2

  • "Ito ang tunay na shot puno! (fake scream)" (entrance quote)
  • ♫ "Ilabas mo na ang baso, bumili ka na ng yelo... Ang amats ko today ay ako ay mananalo! Tuwing ako'y nakikita, lahat sumisigaw ng What? Arizona, alak pa!" ♫ (verse in "BOOGSH!")
  • "Hello, babe. My name's Adele. You can call me Adele for short." (as Adele on Snatch Game)
  • "Drag Race Philippines, will you sing it with me?" (as Adele on Snatch Game)
  • "Naduraan ko si Mama Pao, so it's such an honor. Kasalanan siya ni Hana Beshie (cracking up) at Jessica Soho--- (bursts out laughing)" (during Snatch Game)
  • "Ang advice ko sa mga wala pang RuBadge... Nakawin niyo yung sa iba."
  • "Vape couture!" (exit quote)

Drag Race Philippines Untucked Season 2

  • "So, feeling mo, dinala lang ng kagandahan niya?" (when Matilduh voiced out her opinion on M1ss Jade So's overall performance in Episode 1)
  • "Super ganda nung sinabi ng lola ni Bernie. Tayong mga bata, kailangan nating irespeto yung mga nauna sa'tin... Ang napulot ko doon sa sinabi niya na 'yun... Dapat nating irespeto si Katkat. (laugh)"


  • "How did the pandemic change your drag? It changed--- uh... The pandemic changed my drag because--- pass." (in Meet the Queens)
  • "Pwede kang magsuot ng mga mamahaling mga gamit, mga mamahaling damit... pero kung wala ka namang personality, hindi ka mapapansin." (in Meet the Queens)
  • "Ihanda niyo na ang pulutan, dahil nandito na si Arizona Brandy..." (in Meet the Queens)


  • Arizona Brandy shares the same birthday with Drag Den season 1 contestant Aries Night.
  • The third episode of the first season of Mudrakels revealed that Lady Gagita and Lumina Klum are her drag mothers.
    • During her introduction in the same episode, a voice-over from Gagita revealed that Arizona Brandy used to date Mimi The Doll, another Mudra on the show.
      • A Facebook post from Mimi confirms this past relationship.[7]
    • Furthermore, the third and ninth episode of Mudrakels' first season revealed that Arizona is currently dating Lumina's drag child Anita Cora.
  • Arizona Brandy is the second queen to use a name of a U.S. state in her drag name, after Alaska.
    • She is, however, the first to do so despite not being from the United States.
  • Arizona Brandy and DeeDee Marié Holliday are the first queens on Drag Race Philippines to impersonate non-Filipino celebrities on Snatch Game.
  • Arizona, along with the cast of Drag Race Philippines season 2, was scheduled to be an opening act for Werq the World in Manila.[8] However, the Manila leg of the event was cancelled due to Typhoon Hanna.[9]
  • Arizona shares the same track record as fellow Season 2 competitor M1ss Jade So, whom she eliminated in the Lip Sync for the Crown.


Drag Race Philippines Season 2

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 Looks



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 Drag Race Philippines (Season 2) Self Contestant (Placed 2nd) [10]

Web Series

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 Mudrakels (Season 1) Self Mentor (placed 5th/6th) [11]

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