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Astrud Aurelia[1], commonly referred to on the show as simply Astrud is an American drag performer and one of the contestants of the fourth season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula.

She later appeared on the first season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans, returning to fight for the title of the first Titan. She placed 4th/5th.

Drag Name Origin[]

Astrud Aurelia chose her name because she is inspired by the Brazilian bossa nova and jazz singer Astrud Gilberto.[6]

Track Record(s)[]

Astrud Aurelia
Statistics Dragula
Season 4
Season 1
Ranking: 10th Place 4th/5th Place
(Double Elimination)
Main Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1) 0
Mini Challenges Won: 0 1 (Ep. 4)
Times as Team Captain: 0 0
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 2) 2 (Eps. 5, 8)
Episode Exterminated: Episode 2 Episode 8
Head crushed
by a rock.
Dropped into
the Oblivion.

Memorable Quotes[]

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Season 4[]

  • "I'm Astrud Aurelia, I'm the drag daughter of Dahli, and I'm here to kick some ass." (when entering the haunted house)
  • "Merrie Cherry is here... That's cool" (reaction to seeing Merrie Cherry)
  • "Oh my fucking god, are you kidding me? [laughs hysterically]" (upon winning the maxi challenge in Episode 1)
  • "Your balls are falling out, I think. Just letting you know" (To La Zavaleta during The Last Supper)
  • "The moment I got exterminated the first thing I thought was okay, I am now living through HoSo drag in this competition."

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Titans[]

  • "Diva, diva, diva!" (entrance quote)
  • "Okay. I'm, yep, all right, cool. So much for your fucking three, Victoria? God." (After Victoria put her in the bottom)


  • Astrud is the first contestant ever on The Boulet Brothers' Dragula to be of Brazilian descent.[4]
    • This makes her the first contestant of South American descent in the franchise overall as well.
    • Despite her dad being Brazilian, she never learned Portuguese as he was deported when she was a child.[4]
  • Astrud was a contestant on the "Drag Queen of the Year", a pageant created by RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2 winner, Alaska.[3]
  • She won The Boulet Brothers' Dragula World Pageant in 2018 during Drag Con weekend.[7]
  • Astrud started doing drag in 2017[8] and is a part of The Dahl Haus and is the drag daughter of Dahli.[9]
    • Coincidentally, on Season 4, Dahli entered the competition in Episode 2 when Astrud was also exterminated.
  • Astrud plays a lot of instruments. She plays drums, up right, electric bass, piano, violin, she's also sings and tap dances.[10]
  • Astrud owns a cat.[11]
  • Astrud's favorite dessert is flan.[12]
  • Astrud is the first contestant on The Boulet Brothers' Dragula to win the first challenge and not make it to the finale.
    • After Meatball in Season 1, she's the second contestant to win a challenge and be eliminated in the next episode.
    • At 10th, Astrud is the lowest placing challenge winner in Dragula history, and also the lowest placement of returning contestants on Dragula Titans Season 1.
  • Astrud and Evah Destruction are the second pair of monsters who were both eliminated in the same episode after Loris and Xochi Mochi in Dragula Season 1.
    • Coincidentally, both were eliminated after winning the main challenge in the previous episode. Astrud was eliminated after winning in the first floorshow on her original season, and Evah was eliminated after winning her second floorshow on Titans Season 1.
  • Her drag name is simply "Astrud Aurelia", and not "Astrud Elizabeth Aurelia", the "Elizabeth" on her social media is just a joke between Astrud and a friend.
  • Astrud has participated in a Horror Icon floorshow in 2 different seasons.
    • Her costumes are based on two horror icons who appear in cross-over series, Alien VS Predator. Xenomorph was the costume in her original season and the Predator costume was on Titans Season 1.
    • Interestingly, she won the first time and was exterminated the second time.
  • Astrud is Pansexual.


The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Season 4[]

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Season 4 Looks[]

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Titans Season 1[]

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Titans Season 1 Looks[]


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