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Avery Goodname is an American drag performer and one of the contestants of the fifth season of Camp Wannakiki.


BIG BOOBS?! Um, chile, anyway... Avery Goodname is a Saturday morning cartoon with Saturday night fever! Inspired by Looney Tunes, The Fairly OddParents and The Powerpuff Girls, Avery's drag is all about being larger-than-life in both body and presence. Avery is known for one big thing – well, two big things – her signature makeup and her highly theatrical performances! In Spring of 2022, she competed in a local drag competition called Snatcherella 3000, where she ended up placing 3rd overall thanks to her hilarious concepts, her ridiculous props and costumes, and her gigantic, enormous, gargantuan... hair.

Oh, also... Her tits are huge.[3]

Drag Name Origin[]

Her name is a pun on the phrase "a very good name".

Track Record(s)[]

Avery Goodname
Season Competed: Camp Wannakiki
Season 5
Ranking: 7th Place
Talent Shows Won: 1 (Ep. 3)
Activity Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Times in Bottom: 0
Episode Eliminated: Episode 6

Memorable Quotes[]

Camp Wannakiki Season 5[]

  • “Oh, hi! It’s me, Philadelpha-based drag queen Avery Goodname.”
  • ”Reporting for duty! Ha-ha! I said reporting!”
  • ”I just came here to do one thing, and that was serve cunt.”
  • ”I’m very in the red, but bitch, my makeup’s in the pink, okay?”
  • ”I’m very used to froot loop frolics. I think that’s what they call ass eating competitions, so, like..”
  • ”(to cane) If I’m not back in five minutes, fall over! (cane falls over) Alright, fuck you!”
  • ”Get away! Get away! You’re hot and I’m scared!”
  • ”Something really demure and simple.”
  • ”In case you can’t find my butt, it’s been labeled for your convenience.”
  • ”That’s my gender.”
  • ”This was like, my, like, ideal family. Like, Dixie’s my mom, Didi’s my wife, Girl Haggard’s my ketamine-ravaged auntie, and Jaclyn Jill is the half-sister I never wanted.”
  • ”Where’s the representation for the poor birds? The bird’s on welfare.”
  • ”It’s okay. We’re all power bottoms.”
  • ”Oh my god, you have white creamy liquid all over your face!”
  • ”Does anyone have experience with building things? The only experience I have is a healthy relationship with my father.”
  • ”I’m just your average wine-drunk mother bird sharing a pleasant evening in the nest with my baby twins, Bartholomew Orenthal Rufus Clyde Theotus Pookie Goodname Jr., and Gunch.”
  • ”This stupid neuromuscular disease hates the cold, and it’s forty fucking degrees out today! (exhales) I just stayed home and finger blasted myself for eight hours, it was awful! I didn’t cum and she’s a greedy lover.”
  • ”Yeehaw! Giddyup! Third cowboy noise!”
  • ”Oh my god, make noise, please clap! Yes, everyone clap, I’m desperate!”
  • ”The question on everybody’s mind is which twin is the “pretty one”, which to me is kinda like asking if you prefer to die by cyanide or anthrax.”
  • ”Why doesn’t the big Sugarbaker just eat the little Sugarbaker and absorb her powers?”
  • Betty, you are serving fish! Blob fish, but, you know, fish.”
  • ”We’re joined this lovely morning, not only by the Property Brothers, but by the brick shit house they’re desperately trying to renovate, Miss Ruthie Keester!
  • ””I love your drag, it’s like a blind eleven year-old tried to draw Winifred Sanderson from memory.”
  • ”My roast went awful! Everyone was laughing at me and they clapped when I stopped talking!”
  • ”Tonight, I, Philadelphia-based drag queen and bottom-passing top, Avery Goodname, was going to wear a head-to-toe, fully rhinestoned ballgown with a fifty-foot train and 27 reveals, and for the grand finale, I was going to eat a comically large Neapolitan ice cream cone in one bite! But as I finished douching and was walking from my cabin to the talent show stage, a magnitude 69 earthquake hit the entire campsite! I stumbled to and fro, and my comically large Neapolitan ice cream came crashing down!.. onto the floor, but then a second larger Neapolitan ice cream cone fell from the sky and ruined my outfit! Now I don’t have anything to wear for the talent show tonight, what do I do!?” (Some Like It Hot talent show commentary)
  • ”I’m feeling pussy, to be quite honest.”
  • ”If you’re seeing this, please send help! Or nudes. Maybe nudes.”
  • ”My therapist is going to be so excited to hear about all of this.”
  • ”Remind me to never let you suck my dick, girl.”
  • ”Oh, hi! It’s me, Philadelphia-based drag queen and self-diagnosed loser, Avery Goodname.”
  • ”This is not goodbye, this is.. I will see you in, like, two or three years when I have a shit ton of money and some medicine for whatever the hell is wrong with me.”


  • Avery suffers from a physical disability called Functional Neurological Disorder, resulting in her carrying around a cane during daytime events, and is also why she was not present for two of the daily camp activities.
  • Avery was the last to arrive at camp for filming, arriving in the middle of the night after a 17-hour car ride, as stated on Instagram live.
  • Avery spent just under $6,000 on her runway package for Camp Wannakiki.
  • Avery identified as a lesbian during the filming of Camp Wannakiki, but she indicated that she is currently attracted to men once more on Instagram Live.
  • Avery is the second Black contestant to win a talent show on Camp Wannakiki, the first being Coco Jem Holiday.
  • She is the first contestant to remove herself from Camp Wannakiki.
  • She calls her fans “Goodies”.


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