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Bárbara Durango is a Mexican drag performer and one of the contestants on the first season of La Más Draga.


Bárbara is a small top model who invades wherever she arrives with glamour. She is part of Las Durango, along with Cordelia Durango. If we had to describe Bárbara we would say that she is fancy and intelligent.[4]

Drag Name Origin[]

Bárbara comes from the character of Barbarella, while Durango comes from the Mexican State of Durango.[5]

Track Record(s)[]

Bárbara Durango
Season Competed LMD 1
Ranking: 4th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5)
Times in Bottom: 2 (Eps. 3, 4)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 7

Memorable Quotes[]

La Más Draga Season 1[]

  • "Barbara Durango es como una mezcla de muchas cosas."
  • "Debra, ¿me haces un favor? Quita tu cara de culo."
  • "Nos dijo, la semana pasada estuvieron muy pendejas, pero lo dijo de una forma muy suave." (about Johnny Carmona telling them they looked very nervous on their first runway).
  • "Una de las referencias más importantes para mi es mi mamá. Yo desde que me levantaba, mi mamá ya estaba super maquillada, con tacones y vestida."
  • "Estamos apelando a una belleza distinta. Estamos encontrando la belleza donde generalmente las personas no la encuentran, para generar algo nuevo. Para crear arte."
  • "Necesito ponerme verga y ser una artista muy completa para cuando la gente me vea, yo pueda educarlos a ellos y ellos a otras personas."
  • "Bárbara era una forma de no ser así, era dulce, pero también la he corrompido. Ha llegado a un punto donde ella también es arpía, también es culera."
  • "¡Cochina!" (during the Acting Challenge in Episode 5).
  • "Estas aquí afuera besándote con este... chacalawers." (during the Acting Challenge).
  • "¡Pero tú no tienes cáncer, Eva!" (to Eva Blunt during the Acting Challenge).


  • Bárbara originally declined the invitation to participate on the show, with her changing her mind just a few days before the season was to begin filming. Without time left to design looks or buy new clothing, she ended up assembling all her looks from things that she already owned.[6]
  • She previously went by the name of Rubí, taken from the telenovela of the same name. She decided to change it due to how common it was in the Mexican drag scene.[7]
  • She and Cordelia Durango used to be married, both in drag and in real life.[8]
    • This is also the first time where a couple competes in the same competition.
    • In early 2020, Bárbara decided to end her marriage with Cordelia after 11 years of being in a relationship.[6]
  • Bárbara, as one of the matriarchs of La Casa Durango, is the drag mother of Eva Blunt, Lana, Nina De La Fuente, Little Miss Salma, Panic and La Carrera.[8][9]
    • She also used to be the drag mother of Deseos Fab before the latter was adopted into La Casa Y Ya, Margaret Y Ya's drag house.[8]
    • Being the one to put in her drag for the first time, Bárbara also considers Cordelia Durango her drag daughter.[9]
  • As revealed in the reunion, she had been doing drag for 13 years prior to the show.[10]
  • Based on the scores of the finale, the producers have revealed that Bárbara ended up placing fourth on La Más Draga (Season 1).[11][12]
  • While her and Cordelia Durango did not step onto the stage with the rest of the contestants from their season on the finale of La Más Draga (Season 5), they can both be seen in the audience.[11]
    • Bárbara later explained that both her and Cordelia had planned to go on stage but missed the chance due to her arriving late and asking Cordelia to go get her at the entrance, as she had her ticket.[6]


Following some personal conflicts in early 2020, Barbara struggled with severe mental health issues, including depression. Her mental health continued to worsen on the subsequent months, which led her to isolate herself and even end her marriage of eleven years with Cordelia Durango. According to Bárbara, drag was the only thing that made her feel happy and active around this time. The COVID-19 pandemic would then hit soon after, making the situation for Bárbara more complicated, as drag was her only source of income. As was the case with many other drag performers during the pandemic, Bárbara started performing online, with one of her main projects being her live transmissions of La Pijamada DDD, the YouTube show she hosted with Cordelia and Deborah La Grande.

In an attempt to gain a larger viewership and increase their revenue, Bárbara and Deborah orchestrated a dramatic fake fight, though the situation got out of hand for Bárbara. What according to them meant to be nothing more than a friendly spat ended in several hateful remarks between the two and even some fatphobic comments made by Bárbara towards Wynter, as they were reviewing some looks from the contestants of La Más Draga (Season 3). It wasn't long before she started receiving hateful messages from users in response to her comments on the show. Feeling isolated and on her breaking point, Bárbara attempted to commit suicide by ingesting a large amount of pills. She was then found unconscious by Cordelia, who contacted Bárbara's family and saved her life. She was given the appropriate medical treatment afterwards.

Right before ingesting the pills, however, Bárbara posted spoilers for La Más Draga (Season 3), including the secret contestants and the finalists. This was done in revenge against Deborah for letting her take the fall for the entire conflict, as Deborah acted as the host for the corresponding season of Tú Las Traes and was liable if any information about the season got out. Upon the posting of the spoilers, the producers of La Más Draga attempted to contact Bárbara and convince her to take the posts down, but she refused. The producers then threatened to sue her, which they did end up trying to do, though no legal action could proceed against her as she wasn't under contract with them anymore. Still, the producers barred Bárbara from appearing in anything related to La Más Draga and severed all ties with her.

This ban ended up lasting for two years, finishing in late 2022 when Bárbara was invited to the finale of La Más Draga (Season 5), alongside every other past contestant of the show. Furthermore, Bárbara appeared as a guest on an episode of El Chismecito, where she shared the full story about the spoilers situation and formally apologized to the producers, putting an end to the conflict between them. Her relationship with Deborah was also mended, although Bárbara notes that it is not as strong as before.[6]


La Más Draga Season 1[]

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El Chou Para Llevar[]

La Más Draga Season 2[]

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La Más Draga Season 6[]

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La Más Draga Season 1[]


Web Series[]

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2018 La Más Draga (Season 1) Self Contestant (Placed 4th) [13]
2019 La Más Draga (Season 2) Self Guest [14]

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