Bárbara Durango is the stage name of Ricardo Martínez, one of the runners-up of the first season of the Youtube show La Más Draga.

La Más Draga

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|+Bárbara Durango |- !Season Competed !LMD1 |- !Ranking: |Runner-Up |- !Maxi Challenges Won: |1 (Ep. 5) |- !Times in Bottom Two: |2 (Ep. 3,4) |- !Episode Eliminated: |Episode 7 |}


  • The name Bárbara came from the movie Barbarella.
  • Bárbara was singing during the quinceañera runway.
  • Bárbara is in the real life married with Cordelia Durango.
    • This explains why their drag-surname is the same.
      • This is also the first time where a couple competes in the same competition.

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