Bandit (แบนดิท) is the stage name of Bandit Janthawan (TH: บัณฑิต จันทวรรณ), a contestant from the second season of Drag Race Thailand.

Drag Race Thailand

Season Competed Season 2
Ranking: 4th/5th
Mini-Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Main Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5)
Runway Challenges Won: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 11)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 11

Memorable Quotes

  • ♪ "This Runway girl, you can call me Bandit. It's Bandit, bitch. If you wanna know me, hear me out. I'm a queer outside the box. Victory? Still waiting for my chance. But I will bite as hard as I can. Here I am, and I'll fight until I die!" ♪ (verse in the Top 5 Medley)


DRT Season 2 Looks



  • She was the one who made most of Pangina's outfits during Season 1 of DRT

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