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Banksie is a British drag performer and one of the contestants on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

Drag Name Origin[]

Her name is derived from street art creator Banksy and her last name, Banks.

Track Record(s)[]

Seasons Competed: UK Season 5
Ranking: 8th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 2)
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 5)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 5

Memorable Quotes[]

RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 5[]

  • "Thank God you can't smell me." (entrance quote)
  • "Where's Claire from Steps?!" (while recording the adlib for Don't Ick My Yum)
  • "♪ My ick is all the girls who say they're bloody gorgeous. Their faces full of filler and their egos are enormous. Hiya, Ru, what you had for your tea? Sausage and mash, yeah? Dead sexy. Mothers can't eat, well, that ain't it. 'Cause I'm loving myself like a pig in- Shhh! ♪" (Verse in Don't Ick My Yum)
  • "It's not my fault that she has a face full of filler. She paid for it. But she should get her money back if she did." (talking about Tomara Thomas)"
  • "Well I'm Victoria Beckham because I can't sing!"
  • "You were just as shit as me babes." (Towards Cara Melle in the confessionals)
  • "You can't have a conversation then fuck off" (towards Cara Melle in untucked)
  • "DeDeLicious, De-Disgusting, De-Deplorable, and hopefully soon, De-Deported!" (during the reading challenge)
  • "I feel like a lamb to slaughter, to be honest."
  • "Oh, Ru, I'm not leaving without doing the runway one more time, kay?"
  • "Aww, rats!" (exit quote)



RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 5[]

RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 5 Looks[]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 RuPaul's Drag Race UK (Season 5) Self Contestant (Placed 8th) [2]

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