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Barbie Q is not to be confused with Barbie-Q

Barbie Q is a Bolivian-German drag performer and one of the contestants on the first season of Drag Race Germany.


Introducing Barbie Q, a master's student and an aspiring drag queen residing in Munich. Born out of the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2021, she ventured into the world of makeup and styling, crafting a diverse and feminine drag style. Hailing from Bolivia, Barbie Q is not only an entertainer but also an advocate, aiming to empower queer youth back home while bridging cultural divides through her expressive artistry.[2]

Drag Name Origin[]

"Barbie Q originates from the doll, which can have thousands of personalities, and "Q", because if you combine it, another word results from it, and that's more fun!"

Track Record(s)[]

Barbie Q
Seasons Competed: Germany Season 1
Ranking: 11th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 2

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Sch! Wir haben Nachbarn!" (Entrance Quote)
  • "Ich bin Barbie Q, ich bin 25 Jahre alt, und ich bin... vermit. What's verwirrt? Ah, in Drag Race Germany!"

Farewell Message[]

"¡Si! oder vielleicht No? Well... Bye. Pandora, wenn du mit jemand anders schläfst, töte ich dich ;)"


  • Barbie Q is the first contestant to share a name with the host of the season she competes in, Barbie Breakout.
  • Her entrance look was a reference to "La Morenada" which is an Andean folk dance whose origins are still under debate. This dance is practiced mainly in Bolivia as well as in Peru and is one of the most representative dances of Bolivian culture.
  • Staying on brand as a proud Bolivian, her runway look for the first episode was inspired by "La Diablada" also known as the "Danza de los Diablos" (Dance of the Devils). Diablada is an Andean folk dance performed in the Altiplano region of South America, characterized by performers wearing masks and costumes representing the devil and other characters from pre-Columbian theology and mythology.
  • Barbie is the second Bolivian on any drag competition franchise. She was preceeded by Inti from Drag Race España.
  • Being the first eliminated contestant of Drag Race Germany, Barbie Q joins the group of the Porkchop Queens, the contestants who are the first to be eliminated in an entire franchise.
  • Barbie Q is the seventh contestant in the Drag Race franchise to be on top in the first episode, and then get eliminated in the second episode, after Lashauwn Beyond, Tatianna, Thorgy Thor, Art Simone, Ivana Vamp, and Starlet.


Drag Race Germany Season 1[]

Drag Race Germany Season 1 Looks[]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 Drag Race Germany (Season 1) Self Contestant (Placed 11th)

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