"I kinda always found it hard to depend on people. Not really having a family taught me that. It’s the people who take care of you when stuff gets real. That’s your family. The thing is… you just gotta find them. "

— AJ after reuniting with Robert

Baton Rouge is the eighth episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


A medical emergency triggers a string of painful memories for AJ and Robert. Lady Danger and Damien cross paths with a fellow traveler.


At a park, Robert is pushing AJ on the swings as they enjoy the nice weather outside. AJ keeps asking Robert to push her higher, but eventually this results in AJ falling off the swing and hurts herself. Robert screams, and they rush to a nearby hospital. AJ claims she is fine, and that it was just a scratch. Robert argues that he heard a crack and asks Nurse DiDi to check on AJ. However, the aforementioned nurse mentions that they take critically injured patients first. So unless there’s a bullet hole somewhere on AJ’s body that she can’t see, they are going to have to wait like everyone else.

At the waiting room of the Rivera Memorial Hospital, AJ continues to say that she is fine, and that they should leave. Robert doesn’t budge and makes them both sit down after he has disinfected the seats with some clorox wipes. He also asks AJ if they should give her mom Brianna a call. AJ calls Robert crazy as he doesn’t want that at all.

Some time earlier, Robert is dressed as Ruby Red in a Christmas themed outfit, following behind a gurney with Louis on it being pushed by some EMT folks. A nurse asks Robert what happened, and Robert explains that they were both onstage when Louis collapsed.

Meanwhile, Lady Danger and Damien find themselves at a Horizon Rent-A-Car place in Jackson, and a guy is smiling at Damien while giving him a once over. Damien gets angry and it turns out that this guy is returning a car for Lorraine Bracco. Upon hearing that, Seth tells the front-desk person that Lady Danger is not Lorraine Bracco. Seconds later, Lorraine Bracco herself walks in, and Seth mentions that they’re in Jackson because she’s doing a movie. She asks Seth just how long it takes to return a car because she is going to miss her flight. As a result, Seth explains to Lorraine that Lady Danger is pretending to be her and using her credit card information. Damien ditches Lady Danger after Lorraine asks him who he is, and tells him to beat it. The front desk guy ends up calling the Jackson police who put her in handcuffs and arrest Lady Danger for identity fraud.

While waiting to have her arm checked out, AJ recalls the time when her mom had an overdose. She cries as she tells Tianna, her mom’s friend that it is her fault because she naively thought her mom was just sleeping. Tianna tries her best to comfort her, and tells AJ that she did everything right, and that this isn’t on her. AJ asks if her mom is gonna die, but Tinna explains once again that the paramedics got to her in time. Tianna hugs AJ tightly as she tells her that everything is going to be fine over and over again.

In present day, Robert ends up getting help from AJ with filling out the hospital form. AJ is scared and pleads with Robert to leave the hospital. She explains that she was in a similar situation, and that the hospital staff will call someone because her mom is not here and she will get taken away. Robert promises to be right there. Later, he ends up lying to one of the nurses by telling her that AJ is a pageant girl and that he is her pageant coach. He lies further by saying that he runs the Little Divas Studio in New York.

Ten years earlier, Brianna walks into an emergency room visibly pregnant with AJ and asks the staff to help her please. She tells the nurse that she thinks her water broke. The nurse asks if there’s anyone they can call, but Brianna says no, and that it’s just her. The nurse promises to help her, and gets a male nurse to bring a wheelchair. In present day, Damien finds himself at some gas station where he is cleaning up the broken glass from his back window. Desperate, he ends up begging a guy that comes out if he has some cash to spare since his car is almost out of fuel. The guy says no and gets back into his car and drives off. He decides to throw out Lady Danger’s suitcase, but when it breaks, some cash falls out.

Years earlier, a doctor tells Robert that while Louis is not dead, he did have a stroke. When Robert asks if it was a bad one, the doctor answers truthfully and confirms it. He mentions that as a diabetic, it was a strong risk factor. Robert blames himself saying he made Louis eat a bunch of donuts for the show they were putting on. The doctor goes on to say that they managed to stabilize Louis, and that his speech and motor skills seem unaffected. Unfortunately, the stroke affected both sides of his brain, and mentions that as a result, Louis is now blind permanently.

In the present, Lady Danger calls Damien from jail, asking him to bail her out. She mentions that she has a thousand dollars in the side pocket of her suitcase. Damien retorts that it looked more like a hundred thousand. He mentions to her that he found the false bottom compartment of the suitcase and is about to hang up on her. Lady Danger explains that he wasn’t trying to play her, but that she always carries all her money on her since she grew up in Hawaii, which has five active volcanoes. She proceeds to tell Damien that the money he came across is not to spend. She is saving it for a rainy day. He ends up hanging up on her Lady Danger gets taken back to the jail cell.

10 years earlier, baby AJ has just been cleaned up and is taken back to Brianna. She tells the two nurses that they were so nice to her, and she just realized that she doesn’t even know their names. They tell her that their names are Amber and Jasmine respectively.

AJ and Robert reunite after AJ gets her cast and the two run out of the hospital before they get found out over everything. Robert then tells AJ that he paid her hospital bill with the money that Fabergé Legs had previously given her.

Title and Background

  • Baton Rouge is the city that Robert and AJ find themselves in after AJ hurt her arm and they need to go the hospital.



Special Guest Stars

  • Lorraine Bracco as Herself

Guest Starring

  • Stacie Greenwell as Loretta
  • Mary Kay Place as Carol Anne
  • Jason Michael Snow as Seth
  • Michael Cyril Creighton as Christian
  • Lisa Linke as Alyssa
  • John Rubinstein as Doctor #1
  • Eddie Shin as Doctor #2


  • Shawana Carter as as Tianna
  • Lidia Pearl as Destiny
  • Wendy Schenker as Isabel
  • Laura Purcell as Cora
  • Johnnett Kent as Darlene
  • Jill Remez as Nurse Jasmine
  • Amie MacKenzie as DiDi
  • Christine Corpuz as Nurse Amber
  • Steve Fisher as Kevin
  • Leann Lei as Nurse
  • Aaron Coleman as Man
  • Chris McKernan as Gas Station Guy
  • Greg Lee


Song Performer(s) Scene
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Judy Garland Ruby's musical number from the past.


  • AJ has been to the hospital twice and mentions that both times were a disaster. The first time was when she was born, and the second time she was taken away upon being admitted.
  • While filling AJ’s form at the hospital, Robert finds out that AJ is ten years old, her birthday is June 19th, which makes her a Gemini.
  • Rather than being named after Princess Jasmine or a stripper friend of Brianna’s named Amber. It’s revealed in this episode that she was named Amber Jasmine after the two nurses who helped deliver her.


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