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Billy Bradfield also known as Billy B is a makeup artist. Since arriving in New York City in 1985 from Aberdeen, Mississippi, Billy B has become one of the most successful and sought after makeup artists in the Fashion and Entertainment industries. Working and living in both New York City and Hollywood, California.

He served as a judge on Seasons 3 and 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Early Work

Billy’s career path began in 1985, when he left his hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi and moved to New York City. Billy applied for a job at Macy’s, Herald Square and after inventing a story of prior experience in makeup, he was offered a position in cosmetics where he immediately began teaching himself on 'real women' on the main floor of Macy’s. It was the women that Billy, that validated his talent and encouraged him to pursue a career in beauty beyond the cosmetic counter. With that encouragement, Billy began to focus on a career as a professional makeup artist, and building a portfolio. Elite Modeling Agency took interest in Billy and his work, and he began to 'test' with young up and coming Photographers such as Mario Sorrenti. One of the photographers that Billy tested with, suggested that he move to Brazil, which was on the verge of becoming a major player in the Modeling and Fashion Industry. Billy left Macy’s and began working nights at the Legendary 'area' Night Club and later “Madame Rosa’s. It was at Madame Rosa’s where Billy B would get his big break.

Current Work

Now, Billy is in high demand in all aspects of his field including his work with the world’s leading beauty and fashion magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and most recently the 25th Anniversary issue of British Elle with CoCo Rocha, and with Lady Gaga for the cover of Time Magazine. His work can also be seen in print advertising and commercials including Christian Dior’s Capture Totale with Sharon Stone with photographers Jean Baptiste Mondino and Solve Sundsbo, as well as the Dior Capture Totale commercial featuring Ms. Stone directed by Wong Kar Kai. His work can be seen on every high-profile red carpet including the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Tony’s and more.

Billy’s works with many of the music industry icons, including Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, Pink, Melissa Etheridge, Cheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Bilge, Yoko Ono and Dolly Parton and the list goes on. He has created the looks for some of the most iconic and award winning music videos ever made. Most recently, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and "Videophone" with Beyonce, Beyone’s “Listen,” PINK’S “Raise your Glass,” Melissa Etheridge’s “Fearless Love,” Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock,” Dolly Parton’s “Backwoods Barbie, And Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock”. Billy’s work has appeared in books by Thierry LeGoues, Andrew Macpherson, Tom Ford and Francesco Scavullo. In the dedication of Making Faces, written by legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, Billy was acknowledged as one of the makeup artists that inspired and taught him.

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