Bionica is a drag performer. She was a contestant on Season 2 of House of Drag.

Bionica won one challenge on Episode 2 in a double win with Elektra Shock. To many, Bionica was a fan favorite, so when she was eliminated first in Episode 4 by invading contestant Lilly Loca, fans were outraged.

On Episode 5, Jen Tré Fire quit the competition. There was not enough contestants to reach the finale, so Bionica was brought back on Episode 6. Unfortunately, she never could get back in the top. She survived the bottom 2 on Episode 6 and sent Willy SmacknTush. After placing safe in Episodes 7 and 8, she was in the bottom 2 again on Episode 9. She could not survive the elimination and was sent home by Spankie Jackzon, the winner of the season.

House of Drag

Statistics HoD2
Ranking: 4th Place
Times as Team Captain: 0
Main Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 2)
Times in Bottom Two: 3 (Eps. 4, 6, 9)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 4 & 9


  • She was a huge fan favorite on House of Drag, next to Elektra Shock.
  • She was the main targeter of the intruders (Spankie Jackzon, Miss Geena, and Lilly Loca), and formed the original contestants into an alliance.
  • She is the first AFAB queen on House of Drag.
  • Her drag mother is Season 1 contestant Medulla Oblongata;
    • This coincidentally makes them the first members of a drag family to be eliminated in the same episode (Episode 4) on two different seasons. However, unlike her drag mother, Bionica returned to the competition.
  • She is the first contestant to come back to the competition after previously being eliminated;


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