Biqtch Puddin is one of the ten contestants to compete on the second season of The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA. At the end of Episode 10, Biqtch Pudding won the crown and title of “America’s Next Drag Supermonster,” putting James Majesty and Victoria Elizabeth Black as Runner-Ups.

Drag Name Origin


Biqtch Puddin
Statistics: BBD 2
Placement: 1st


Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 3)
Main Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 3, 5)

Times in Bottom:

1 (Ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated: N/A
Extermination Reenactment: N/A

Memorable Quotes 

  • "Bro what the fuck! "
  • "I’m sorry I let these fucking bitches get to me "


  • She had the best track record of every season.

Dragula S2 Looks

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