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Boris Tudeth is an American drag performer best known for competing on the second season of Camp Wannakiki.


Greasy. Horny. Hairy. Confused.

This is Boris Tudeth, but you can call him Daddy. Boris is a drag king from Kansas City, MO and the sole reason Arby's is still in business. He is a lovable, laughable, wacky guy, who is more than a snack... Boris is a buffet. Some might describe his style as questionable, but hey, even bad taste is still taste. He's never met a problem pattern, piece of jewelry, or tub of glitter he didn't like. Oh, and he can tie a cherry stem into the Star of David with his tongue!!

You can find him at Hamburger Mary's KC as well as other venues in Kansas City, hosting and producing his own shows, cracking dad jokes, and making terrible puns. Boris brings life to the stage and shines, just likes his gold tooth. This cuddly bear is a charmer, so watch out he might just steal your heart... and your picnic basket.[2]

Drag Name Origin[]

His drag name is a pun on "bore us to death".[1]

Track Record(s)[]

Boris Tudeth
Season Competed: Camp Wannakiki
Season 2
Ranking: 7th Place
Talent Shows Won: 1 (Ep. 3)
Activity Challenges Won: 0
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 5)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 5

Memorable Quotes[]

Camp Wannakiki Season 2[]

  • "As far as things I want people to know about Boris, I supposed I should take this time to let anyone know who's ever been sexually involved with me that you need to go to the clinic." (on Meet the Campers)
  • "I'm a lesbian. I don't know anything about poles" (During the Mile High Challenge)



Camp Wannakiki Season 2[]

Camp Wannakiki Season 2 Looks[]

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