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Stephanie "La Botota" Fox, or simply Botota Fox, Botota or La Botota, is the stage name of José Miguel Navarrete,[1] a Chilean drag queen best known for being a runner-up of the first season of The Switch Drag Race, the Chilean version of Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

José used to wear boots (bototos) in high school, and Botota came later, as he discovered his sexuality in high school. Stephanie comes from the fact that she used to be called Stephanie. She first chose Stephanie Fox as her name when she started drag and then just shortened it to Botota Fox.[4][5]

Memorable Quotes

  • Agradeça que te estamos dando protagonismo. (To Sofía Camará)
  • Y un consejo le voy a dar a ella: El que calla, escucha; y el que escucha, aprende. (To Rubí)


  • She is the first queen to win a challenge on The Switch
  • Stephanie is the highest placing queen from Season 1 to not compete in Season 2.
  • She is the most followed contestant from The Switch Drag Race on Instagram, with over 1 Million followers.
    • She is also the most followed queen of all international versions.
    • She is the first international contestant to be inducted into the 1 Million Club, not including Queen of the Universe.
      • If Queen of the Universe is counted, she is the second after Rani Ko-HE-Nur.





Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2015-2016 The Switch Drag Race (Season 1) Herself Contestant (Placed 2nd/3rd)

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