The Brit Crew, also known as the Britain version of The Pit Crew, are a group of muscular men who appear on each season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK. The men of the Brit Crew are typically dressed only in their underwear,

Brit crew 2

assisting RuPaul and contestants in various challenges on the show. They usually have no dialogue on the show, mainly appearing as "eye candy" for viewers...and contestants.

Current Members

Brit crew

Ashraf Ejjbair

Aj Bediako

Mitch Marion

Tom Scanlon

Niko Wirachma

Matthew Lister

Archie Ahern

Members Timeline

Photo Member S1
Ash Ashraf Ejjbair
(Season 1)
Aj Aj Bediako
(Season 1)
Mitch Mitch Marion
(Season 1)
Tom 2 Tom Scanlon
(Season 1)
Niko Niko Wirachma
(Season 1)
Matthew Matthew Lister
(Season 1)
Archie Archie Ahern
(Season 1)
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