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C'est Kevvie is a drag queen, performer, and contestant on Camp Wannakiki Season 1.

Drag Name Origin

A pun on the French phrase "c'est la vie", translated as "that's life". "C’est Kevvie" is French for "It’s Kevvie". She decided on this name back in high school, way before she started doing drag.[2]


"Meet the gal the other campers call their imaginary friend — C'est Kevvie! Known around the Windy City as “the body-positive art ho,” Kevvie considers art history, horror and clowns the inspiration behind her drag. Proud to show off her curves, C'est Kevvie believes in celebrating her body—and all bodies—inside and out. In fact, she's the mother of the House of Travesties, a group that embraces their own physical and mental disabilities.

A transgender woman, Kevvie began transitioning in 2013 and embraces drag as an exploration of gender and the many kinds of gender expression. Currently completing her Master's Degree at the University of Illinois – Chicago, Kevvie's ultimate dream is to open the city's first drag museum. C'est la vie, C'est Kevvie! #HerRoyalTravesty"[3]

Track Record(s)

C'est Kevvie
Season Competed: CW 1
Ranking: 6th Place
Talent Shows Won: 0
Activity Challenges Won: 0
Times Placed High: 0
Times in Bottom: 3 (Ep. 1, 3, 4)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 4


  • Kevvie and Dominique DeGrant are part of the first double save of the show.
  • Kevvie is the queen with the most bottom placements of the season, with three.
  • Kevvie is a transgender woman.
    • She is also the first transgender contestant on the show, along with Dominique DeGrant, who however came out after the show's airing.
  • Kevvie performed in drag for the first time on April 1st, 2015.[2]
  • Kevvie mentions Divine and Edith Massey as her biggest inspirations.[2]
  • Kevvie wants to eventually open a drag museum.[2]


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