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Call Me Mother is a Canadian reality television series, premiering on OutTV in 2021. Hosted by Entertainment Tonight Canada reporter Dallas Dixon, the series is a drag competition which will see up-and-coming drag performers compete in group challenges, with one queen eliminated each week until the winner of the competition is crowned the "First Child of Drag"[1].

The series is distinct from the RuPaul's Drag Race franchise in adding a drag mother mentoring and coaching team aspect reminiscent of The Voice, and is also fully inclusive, featuring drag queens, drag kings and transgender or non-binary performers. The drag artists will aim to get into one of three houses – Peppermint’s House of Dulcet, Crystal’s House of Glass and Barbada de Barbades’s House of Harmonie – along with the opportunity to be mentored and coached by a renowned drag performer. The houses will compete weekly as a family in a series of challenges, with the drag mother of the losing house eliminating one of her own[2].

Series Overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 8 October 25, 2021 December 13, 2021
2 9 October 26, 2022 December 21, 2022


Season Prizes
  • $25,000
  • A supply of cosmetics from BPerfect
  • A single to be recorded and produced by PEG Records.
  • $25,000
  • A year's supply of Rimmel Cosmetics
  • A year's supply of Wella Hair products
  • The chance to be the face of Wella Hair at Toronto Pride
  • One year of Square Online Premium
  • A 7 Night stay for two at the Almar Resort Luxury LGBTQ+ Beachfront Experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from Air Canada

Seasons Artwork[]


Place Season 1 Season 2
1st Toddy Weebee
2nd Kiki Coe

Valerie Hunt
Jessie Précieuse

Makayla Couture

4th Sanjina Dabish Queen
5th HercuSleaze Justin Abit
6th Narcissa Wolfe Jenna Seppa
7th Felicia Bonée Phoenix Black
8th Calypso Cosmic Imarra
9th Rosie Mya Foxx

Seyoncé Knows
10th Ella Lamoureux
11th Miss Shay Dee

Stony Mac
13th Champagna


Newfound Lad
The contestant won Call Me Mother.
The contestant quit the competition.

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