Contestants that were both eliminated after placing in the bottom.

Season Eliminated Lip Sync
S5 Honey.png Pinay.png "Oops!... I Did It Again"
by Britney Spears
S8 DaxCastMug.jpeg LailaCastMug.jpeg "I Will Survive"
by Gloria Gaynor

Season Eliminated Lip Sync
S1 Amadiva queenmug.png Jaja queenmug.png "เพลงสุดท้าย"
by สุดา ชื่นบาน
S2 KanaWarriorMug.png MayaB'HaroMug.png "สุดฤทธิ์สุดเดช"
by ใหม่ เจริญปุระ

Season Eliminated Challenge Extermination
S1 Loris mug-dragula s1.png Xochi mug-dragula s1.png See Season 1, Episode 4
(Pretty, Pink, Fishy Drag)
Perform a lip sync to Alaska's
song "Nails" while the other
queens throws food at you.

Season Eliminated Lip Sync
S3 FeliAuroraS3Mug.png UsagiS3Mug.png "One, Two Step"
by Ciara (feat. Missy Eliott)
by Ciara (feat. Missy Eliott)
"Level Up"
by Ciara

Season Eliminated Lip Sync
S3 AviescWhoMugLMD3.jpg WynterMugLMD3.jpg "Chacalón"
by Maribel Guardia

Season Eliminated Challenge
S2 IvannaCW2Mug.jpg CarlyCW2Mug.jpg See Season 2, Episode 3
(Mirror Mirror)

Season Eliminated Challenge
S1 BambiMercuryMugQOD1.jpg CatherrineLecleryMugQOD1.jpg See Season 1, Episode 5
(Horror & Halloween)

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