Queens who have eliminated two or more queens with their lip-syncing are known as ‘Lip Sync Assassins’.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

  • N.B. Alyssa Edwards survived two lip-syncs, but is not technically a lip-sync assassin in this season as one of these was a double-shantay with Roxxxy Andrews.

N.B. Even though Naomi Smalls and Bob the Drag Queen only placed in the bottom two once (each eliminating a queen), they both took part in the final four lip-sync and (along with Kim Chi) sent Chi Chi DeVayne home - technically bringing their 'kill counts' up to 2 each.

  • N.B. Unlike the other assassins of her season, Sasha Velour was the only finalist who didn’t have to lip-sync for her life prior to the finale. In Round 1 she famously eliminated the season’s frontrunner Shea Couleé, before winning the final lip-sync against Peppermint.

  • N.B. Owing to the format of the finales, Aquaria is technically a lip-sync assassin (despite, like Sasha Velour before her, never having to lip-sync for her life prior to the finale). She was in a double-shantay with Eureka in Round 1 of the finale, and in the final lip-sync she eliminated both Eureka and Kameron Michaels to snatch the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.
  • Eureka survived three lip-syncs, but two of those resulted in a double-shantay. Therefore, she is not technically a lip-sync assassin since the only queen she ever eliminated was Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams.

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