NOTE: Not to be confused with Drag Pop Star (Miss Fan Favorite), title exclusive to the second season of Drag Race Thailand.

Heidi N Closet, the current reigning Miss Congeniality on the regular US series (Season 12).


"Miss Congeniality" is the title awarded to the queens who are regarded as the kindest, most helpful ones on their respective seasons. Prior to Season 10 the fans determined which queen won the title, but the queens now decide this amongst themselves.

Originally the winner of 'Miss Congeniality' was announced on the reunion special (Season 1, 2, & 3), which would air after the grand finale. Starting in Season 4, where the grand finale and the reunion were combined, the crowning of the season's 'Miss Congeniality' would take place right before the crowning of America's/Thailand's Next Drag Superstar. This continued for all season's other than Season 9, as the Season 8 Miss Congeniality, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, had competed on Season 9. She handed off the title at the Reunion Special a week before the Grand Finale.

There have been 12 Miss Congenialities on the American version of RuPaul's Drag Race, and 22 overall. (Drag Race Thailand Season 1 and Season 2, Canada's Drag Race Season 1, Drag Race Holland Season 1 and both seasons of La Más Draga and Camp Wannakiki)

All Stars Seasons do not crown a 'Miss Congeniality', as none of the competing queens are new, and many Congeniality Winners compete on All Stars.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK, Canada's Drag Race, and The Switch Drag Race (the Chilean version of Drag Race) did not adopt the 'Miss Congeniality' award; however, RuPaul's Drag Race UK and Canada's Drag Race have had unofficial 'Miss Congeniality' winners of their premiere seasons announced via Twitter: Blu Hydrangea and Tynomi Banks respectively.

Miss Congeniality

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NOTE: On La Más Draga, the title is instead called "La Más Querida" (lit. "The Most Beloved")

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Valentina being crowned by the predecessor Cynthia Lee Fontaine.

Season 9's Miss Congeniality, Valentina, was dubbed to be a 'fan-favorite', rather than congenial by the other season 9 girls, as they felt she played up the role to the camera, but was not actually congenial with the rest of the girls during, and after the filming of the season. This 'Miss Congeniality versus Fan-Favorite' controversy also brought up winners of previous seasons (mainly Pandora Boxx, BenDeLaCreme, and Katya) as even though they were congenial, the fans felt that other queens in their seasons were more congenial, but the winners were more beloved by the fans and they felt that the queens were eliminated too early.

This made fans want a fan-favorite and congeniality divide, where fan-favorite was voted for by the fans and Miss Congeniality was chosen by the queens on the season.

Season 10's voting also sparked controversy, as the voting had been hacked by robots, which resulted in The Vixen, arguably the least-congenial queen of the season, taking the lead. The hacking was later resolved by the show, which, after the hacking, insisted the Season 10 queens voted themselves. This also showed that the producers listened to the fans after last season's controversy and allowed the queens to choose their own 'Miss Congeniality'. The queens continued to choose Miss Congeniality after Season 10.


Queen Photo Original Season Place Returning Season Place
Nina Flowers Tumblr mb8kgzfKkA1r1emlm.png Season 1 2nd All Stars 1 9th/10th
Pandora Boxx Tumblr mb8lepzf5Q1r1emlm.png Season 2 5th 11th/12th
Yara Sofia Yara-mug.jpeg Season 3 4th 5th/6th
Latrice Royale Latrice.png Season 4 4th 7th/8th
All Stars 4 5th (Orig. 7th)
Ivy Winters Ivy.png Season 5 7th N/A
BenDeLaCreme DeLa.png Season 6 5th All Stars 3 6th (Self-Elim)
Katya Katya.png Season 7 5th All Stars 2 2nd/3rd
Cynthia Lee Fontaine CynthiaS8CastMug.jpg Season 8 10th Season 9 10th
Valentina ValentinaMug.jpeg Season 9 7th All Stars 4 7th
Monét X Change Monet S10.jpg Season 10 6th All Stars 4 Winner
Nina West NinaCastMug.jpg Season 11 6th N/A
Heidi N Closet HeidiCastMug.jpg Season 12 6th N/A

International Placements

Queen Photo Original Season Place
B Ella Ella queenmug.png Drag Race Thailand Season 1 4th
Maya B'Haro MayaB'HaroMug.png Drag Race Thailand Season 2 11th
Blu Hydrangea
RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 1 5th
Tynomi Banks
Canada's Drag Race Season 1 9th
Ma'Ma Queen
Drag Race Holland Season 1 3rd/4th


  • Nina Flowers is...
    • the first ever Miss Congeniality.
    • the first Hispanic Miss Congeniality.
    • the first of two Miss Congeniality winners named Nina, the other being Nina West.
    • the only Miss Congeniality who reached the Top 2 on her original season.
    • the highest placing Miss Congeniality on a regular season.
  • Pandora Boxx is...
    • the first Caucasian Miss Congeniality.
    • the first 'comedy queen' to receive the title.
  • Yara Sofia is...
    • the first Latino Miss Congeniality.
    • the only Miss Congeniality to have the same amount of wins in both a regular and an All Stars Season. (1 in both)
  • Latrice Royale is...
    • the first Miss Congeniality of African-American descent.
    • the first "big girl" to win the title.
    • the oldest Miss Congeniality
  • Ivy Winters is the only Miss Congeniality that has retired from drag.
  • BenDeLaCreme is...
    • the only Miss Congeniality (and overall contestant) to never land in the bottom two during an All Stars Season.
    • the first Miss Congeniality whom had to lip sync against the same person twice during a regular season (Darienne Lake).
  • Katya is...
    • the first returning Miss Congeniality to reach Top 3 in an All Stars season.
    • the first Miss Congeniality to achieve a higher placement on her returning season.
  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine is...
    • widely believed to be the most congenial Miss Congeniality.
    • the only Miss Congeniality to feature on two regular seasons.
    • the lowest placing Miss Congeniality of the US series of Drag Race, landing in 10th place during Season 8.
      • Cynthia also placed 10th in Season 9.
  • Valentina...
    • is the first Miss Congeniality to not hand over the title in person, followed by Nina West.
    • admitted on the popular web series 'Hey Qween', that she won the Miss Congeniality vote because her fans want her to 'win something' at that time, even claiming that Cynthia Lee Fontaine or Peppermint should have won the title instead.
  • Monét X Change is...

    Monét X Change's reaction to being crowned "Miss Congeniality" during the Season 10 live finale.

    • the first Miss Congeniality to be voted on by fellow competitors.
    • the first Miss Congeniality who placed 6th in the competition.
  • Nina West is...
  • Heidi N Closet is...
    • the youngest Miss Congeniality.
    • the current reigning Miss Congeniality.
  • B Ella is...
    • the first Miss Congeniality of Drag Race Thailand.
    • the first Thai Miss Congeniality.
    • the first Asian Miss Congeniality overall.
  • Maya B'Haro is the lowest placing Miss Congeniality overall, placing 11th on Season 2 of Drag Race Thailand.
  • Blu Hydrangea is...
    • the first Miss Congeniality of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.
    • the second 'unofficial' Miss Congeniality.
    • the first Miss Congeniality to be voted by fans again since Valentina.
  • Tynomi Banks is...
    • the first Miss Congeniality of Canada's Drag Race.
    • the first 'unofficial' Miss Congeniality.
  • Ma'Ma Queen is...
    • the first Miss Congeniality of Drag Race Holland.
    • the first Miss Congeniality to be crowned in a podcast.
    • the second Miss Congeniality to make it to the finale of their original season, after Nina Flowers.
    • the second Miss Congeniality whom had to lip-sync against the same person twice during a regular season (Miss Abby OMG), after BenDeLaCreme.

Other Contestants

Other queens that came close to the title on their respective seasons include:

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