Contestants that tied on least one Main Challenge win, Lip Sync For Your Legacy win, or Runway Challenge win with one or multiple other contestants.

Top All Star WIN

Season Winners Challenge
AS2 AlaskaMugAS2.jpg AlyssaMugAS2.jpg DetoxMugAS2.jpg TatiannaMugAS2.jpg See Season 2, Episode 5
(Revenge Of The Queens)

Lip Sync for Your Legacy WIN

Season Winners Lip Sync
AS2 AlyssaMugAS2.jpg TatiannaMugAS2.jpg "Shut Up & Drive"
by Rihanna
AS3 DelaAs3Mug.jpg ShangelaAs3Mug.jpg "I Kissed a Girl"
by Katy Perry
AS4 ManilaAS4CastMug.jpg MonetAS4CastMug.jpg "Jump To It"
by Aretha Franklin
MonetAS4CastMug.jpg TrinityAS4CastMug.jpg "Fighter"
by Christina Aguleria
AS5 MizCrackerAS5Mug2.png MorganAs3Mug.jpg "Where Have you Been"
by Rihanna


  1. The Top All Star won the lip sync for your legacy alongside Lip Sync Assassin of the week

Season Winners Challenge
S1 Melissa mug-dragula s1.png Vandervonodd mug-dragula s1.png See Season 1, Episode 3
(Zombies in Death Valley)

Season Winners Challenge
S1 GvajardoVSDQMX1CastMug.jpg ÁboraNuitVSDQMX1CastMug.jpg See Season 1, Episode 4

Season Winners Challenge
S1 MuffyCW1Mug.jpg OlaysiaCW1Mug.jpg See Season 2, Episode 1
(Water Sports)

Activity Challenge
AlexisCW1Mug.jpg PaganCW1Mug.jpg See Season 2, Episode 4
(Pitching a Tent)

Activity Challenge
S2 BarbraCW2Mug.jpg DianaCW2Mug.jpg
ParisCW2Mug.jpg ToraCW2Mug.jpg
See Season 2, Episode 1
(Squirrel Friends)

Activity Challenge
BorisCW2Mug.jpg VivicaCW2Mug.jpg See Season 2, Episode 3
(Mirror Mirror)

Talent Show
DianaCW2Mug.jpg ToraCW2Mug.jpg See Season 2, Episode 4
(Water Sports)

Activity Challenge

Season Winners Challenge
S1 VavaVildeMugQOD1.jpg YoncéBanksMugQOD1.jpg See Season 1, Episode 5
(Horror & Halloween)

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