Catherrine Leclery is one of the ten contestants to compete on the first season of Queen of Drags.

Drag Name Origin

Her first name "Catherrine" is based on her grandmother's name "Catarina", while her last name "Leclery" is inspired by the Brazilian actress Regina Lecléry.

Queen of Drags

Catherrine Leclery
Season Competed: QoD 1
Ranking: 4th
Total of Points: 102
Times as "Queen of the Week": 1 (Ep. 3)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 5

Memorable Quotes

  • Last words after elimination: "We are artists. We are humans!" (posted on QoD's Instagram)


  • Catherrine's 5' 10¾" tall (1,8 m).
  • In 1992, she won the contest "Miss Brazil Transformista" in Brazil.
  • In October 1995, Catherrine went to Düsseldorf on vacations, and since that date decided to stay in Germany.
    • Since she's in Germany, she mostly goes back to Brazil only for the annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
  • She's been on different TV shows such as "Ballermann 6", "Germany's Next Top Model", and "Unter Uns".
  • In 2019, she became the first drag queen to be on a parade in Rio Carnival.


Queen of Drags S1 Looks

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