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Catherrine Leclery is a Brazilian-German drag performer and one of the ten contestants to compete on the first season of Queen of Drags.

Drag Name Origin[]

Her first name "Catherrine" is based on her grandmother's name "Catarina", while her last name "Leclery" is inspired by the Brazilian actress Regina Lecléry.[1]

Track Record(s)[]

Season Competed: QOD 1
Ranking: 4th
Points Total / Average: 102 20.4
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 3)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 5

Memorable Quotes[]

Queen of Drags Season 1[]

  • "Don't hate me, celebrate me, darling!"
  • "Wir sind Künstler. Wir sind Menschen!" (exit quote)


  • Catherrine's 5' 10¾" tall (1,8 m).[citation needed]
  • In 1992, she won the contest "Miss Brazil Transformista" in Brazil.[1]
  • In October 1995, Catherrine went to Düsseldorf on vacations, and since that date decided to stay in Germany.[1]
    • Since she's in Germany, she mostly goes back to Brazil only for the annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.[citation needed]
  • She's been on different TV shows such as "Ballermann 6", "Germany's Next Top Model", and "Unter Uns".[citation needed]
  • In 2019, she became the first drag queen to be on a parade in Rio Carnival.[1]
  • During the show, she worked as a receptionist, while being in drag.[citation needed]


Queen of Drags Season 1[]

Queen of Drags Season 1 Looks[]

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