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Chandelly Kidman was disqualified from Caravana das Drags because of racist imagery during her run on the show.

Chandelly Kidman is a Brazillian drag performer and one of the contestants of the first season of Caravana das Drags.

Drag Name Origin[]

The first name was given to her by her ex-boyfriend and is also the name of a desert, representing her sweetness and love for candies. The second name is an homage to her favorite actress, Nicole Kidman.

Track Record(s)[]

Chandelly Kidman
Statistics Caravana Season 1
Ranking: 6th Place
Final Show Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Close Challenges Won: 2 (Ep. 2, 6)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom: 3 (Eps. 2, 3,4)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 6

Memorable Quotes[]

Caravana das Drags Season 1[]


  • Chandelly Kidman is the first contestant to be disqualified on the show after numerous times where she wore looks that offended black and northeastern people.
    • On the 6th episode's Close challenge, Chandelly had originally painted both her face and hands black for her look[2], however, on the final edit, she's shown with a silver-esque mug. It's speculated production told her to re-do the makeup so the episode could make it to air.


Caravana das Drags Season 1[]

Caravana das Drags Season 1 Looks[]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2023 Caravana das Drags (Season 1) Self Contestant (Placed 6th) [3]

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