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Chiara Francini is an Italian actress, writer and model. On June 30, 2021 Chiara was revealed to be a host and judge on the first season of Drag Race Italia, along with Priscilla and Tommaso Zorzi.[2]


Born in Florence, and brought up in Campi Bisenzio, she graduated in humanities with a thesis in rhetoric and literary hermeneutics.[1]

After her graduation, she underwent a three-year theatre course in Florence, at the Teatro della Limonaia, directed by Barbara Nativi, under whose direction she played a role in Peanuts, written by Fausto Paravidino. For two consecutive years she acted in Faccia da comico under the artistic direction of Serena Dandini at the Ambra Jovinelli theatre in Rome. She got into television through Marco Giusti, who offered her a role in Blablabla and Stracult.[1]


Between 2007 and 2008 she took part in four movies: Leonardo Pieraccioni wanted her for the role of Giustina in A Beautiful Wife, Francesco Patierno chose her for Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca, Spike Lee, after casting her personally, had her play Fabiola, one of the victims of the Nazi massacre of Sant'Anna di Stazzema, in Miracle at St. Anna and finally in 2008 Stefano Tummolini offered her the role of Stella in Un altro pianeta (Eng.: One Day in a Life), a film shown at the 2008 Venice Film Festival, where it was awarded the Queer Lion, and at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009.

In 2011, she was part of the main cast in the television programme Colorado broadcast by Italia 2. That same year she also acted in La peggior settimana della mia vita (English title: The Worst Week of My Life), directed by Alessandro Genovesi and in Un natale per due, a SKY Cinema production, which had the highest share ever recorded on the Italian SKY network, directed by Giambattista Avellino where apart from having a major role she also performed Carmen by Bizet.

Finally that year, she returned to Rai 1 to once again embody the character of Bea in Tutti pazzi per amore 3, directed by Laura Muscardin.

In 2012, she acted in the television mini series Nero Wolfe directed by Riccardo Donna and broadcast by Rai 1.

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race Italia Season 1[]

  • "Il mimo e il porno." (after being asked by Priscilla what else she has left do, since she already is an actress, writer and model)

Drag Race Italia Season 2[]


  • When it comes to fashion, she has a very strong taste. She loves shoulder bags, very colorful dresses and earrings.[3]


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