"You can’t just divide everyone into categories. People are more complex than that."

—Robert to AJ on how not everyone fits into a nice little box

Columbus is the third episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


A fender bender leads to a frantic game of cat and mouse. AJ receives a message from back home, and Ruby prepares for an impromptu competition.'


Diane apologizes for the fender bender and tells Robert and AJ that it was because she was texting a Grumpy Cat meme to her pet psychic. She goes onto say that this is her fifth accident, and that her dad wonders how she hasn’t killed anybody. AJ proposes that Diane give them $500 but all she has is $200. Not long after, Lady Danger and Damien come out of the diner and see Robert’s RV in the parking lot. Robert and Damien make eye contact, and Robert thinks back to the first time he met his now ex-boyfriend. Shortly thereafter, Robert pulls out of there. Damien and Lady Danger try to follow, but soon realize that his car’s tires are all flat. Robert is unsure as to why Damien is following since he already has his money. AJ sarcastically mentions that maybe it’s because he’s still in love with Robert

A pissed off Damien tells Lady Danger that he never did anything to him, and only let Robert do stuff to him. Once they get back on the road, Lady Danger mentions how she needs to get back to New York because she has a business to run. Damien reminds her that she had a business, but no one’s gonna risk coming to her anymore because the cops are all over her illegal business.

Back in New York, Brianna has just spent a night in jail, and is being interrogated by one of the officers. The cop mentions how he was told she put up quite a fight the night before. She argues that it was an accident; as she didn’t mean to attack the officer. Brianna explains that she was trying to get to her phone, which is the only way to get in contact with her daughter.

In Zanesville, Ohio AJ and Robert wait for the RV to get fixed. When AJ goes to the bathroom, she sees a collection of calendars that have a younger and “boobier” Helen in them. She eventually tells AJ and Robert that she had breast cancer about five years ago. The doctors found a lump, she went in, and told her she had stage 3 breast cancer, and chances were high that it would spread to the other breast. So she decided to have a double mastectomy. The Zanesville Roadhouse hosts a wet t-shirt contest. Bob mentions how in the ‘90’s the lesbians took over for a while, but it’s back to the straights now. Robert mentions how the Pittsburgh gig paid $1,000 but he still needs to come up with the other $1,000. Bob tells Robert, that it’s too bad he’s not a hot chick cause the prize money for the winner of the wet t-shirt contest is $1,000.

Later that night, AJ ends up accompanying Robert to the wet t-shirt contest because he wants to protect him from something bad happening to him. As Ruby he performs for the patrons of the Zanesville Roadhouse, but close to the end of his performance, the breast plate falls out. However because he had the best rack of the night, Robert as Ruby wins the $1,000 dollars. As they drive off, Bob finds that Ruby and AJ left behind the breast plate and told him to enjoy it.

At the Crown Columbus club, Kay Sedia is the MC and Ruby goes out to perform, but sees Lady Danger and Damien in the audience. As soon as she sees them, she runs backstage, and the two run after her. Damien gets close to catching Ruby, but ends up running into Kay Sedia, and he gets knocked out. On stage, Kay Sedia breaks it to the audience that Ruby left and calls her a heifer. AJ thinks Robert didn’t get paid, but Robert says they did since the first rule of drag is get the money up front.

Title and Background

  • Columbus is a city in Ohio that AJ and Robert eventually make their way to it.



Special Guest Stars

Guest Starring

  • Matthew Wilkas as Officer Patrick Kennedy[2]
  • Joel Murray as Motorcycle Cop
  • Marc Singer as Bob
  • Adrienne Barbeau as Helen


  • Kay Sedia as Themselves
  • Manuk Aret as Officer Nyad
  • Cheryl Bricker as Didi
  • Rachel S. Lockhart as Diane
  • Socrates Alafouzos as Igor
  • Brandilyn Cheah as Granddaughter
  • Ian Merrigan as Bar Patron


Song Performer(s) Scene
"Catch Me I'm Falling" Pretty Poison Ruby's wet t-shirt contest entry.
"Ohio" Doris Day The RV leaves the shop.


  • When they get stop by a cop, Robert tells AJ that he did some questionable things in the 80’s as a go-go boy.


Musical Scenes


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