The Commercial/Branding Challenge is a challenge where the contestants advertise and promote their own shows, brands or products that they have to originally write by themselves. This challenge is very comedy-related.

The Commercial Challenge is similar to the Acting Challenge and to the Improvisation Challenge where the contestants have to put their acting skills in a parody of a TV program.

Commercial Challenge Winners

Maxi Challenge

Mini Challenge

All Commerical Challenges

Episode 4: Mac Viva-Glam Challenge

Queen Placement
BeBe Zahara Benet HIGH
Nina Flowers HIGH
Shannel LOW
Rebecca Glasscock BOTTOM 2

Episode 7: Once Upon a Queen

Queen Book Title Placement
Raven Young, Broke, and Fabulous:
The Pursuit of Finding Your Inner Trust Fund
Jujubee Memoirs of a Gay-Sha:
Jujubee’s Journey, I’m Still Here!
Tyra Sanchez The Woman in Me:
A Guide to Letting Go of the Past, Accepting the Present,
and Looking Forward to a Better Future
Pandora Boxx Out of the Boxx:
How Drag Saved My Life
Tatianna Tati:
From Teen Queen to Drag Superstar!
Jessica Wild Jessica Wild:
Dreams of a Golden Child

Episode 4: Totally Leotarded

Queen Work Out Placement
Team Manila Team Carmen
Alexis Mateo Stretch the Upper Body WINNER
Stacy Layne Matthews Sit N' Shake HIGH
Yara Sofia Echar Pa'lante HIGH
Carmen Carrera Work It Out! SAFE
Delta Work Shake N' Bake SAFE
Manila Luzon Step & Strap SAFE
Raja FabuLOSSity SAFE
Shangela Halleloola Hoop SAFE
Mariah Paris Balenciaga How to Keep a Tight Snatch LOW
India Ferrah Rubber Tug BOTTOM 2
Mimi Imfurst 'You Gotta Love Me' Jump Rope ELIMINATED

Episode 9: Life, Liberty & Persuit of Style

Queen Placement
Alexis Mateo WINNER
Shangela HIGH
Manila Luzon LOW
Raja LOW
Carmen Carrera BOTTOM 2
Yara Sofia BOTTOM 2

Episode 3: Glomazons vs Champions

Queen Song Placement
Team Glamazon Team Champion
Sharon Needles "Cover Girl" WINNER
Chad Michaels "The Beginning" HIGH
Kenya Michaels "Get Your Rebel On" HIGH
Jiggly Caliente "LadyBoy" SAFE
Latrice Royale "Never Go Home Again" SAFE
Phi Phi O'Hara "Jealous of My Boogie" SAFE
Willam "Click Clack (Make Dat Money)" SAFE
Madame LaQueer "Responsitrannity" LOW
Dida Ritz "Main Event" BOTTOM 2
The Princess "If I Dream" ELIMINATED

Episode 7: Dragazines

Queen Placement
Phi Phi O'Hara WINNER
Sharon Needles HIGH
Dida Ritz SAFE
Chad Michaels LOW
Latrice Royale LOW
Willam BOTTOM 2
Jiggly Caliente ELIMINATED

Episode 8: Scent of a Drag Queen

Queen Fragrance Placement
Alaska Red for Filth WINNER
Detox Heroine HIGH
Jinkx Monsoon Delusion HIGH
Coco Montrese Ru Animale by Coco LOW
Roxxxy Andrews Thick and Juicy LOW
Alyssa Edwards Alyssa's Secret BOTTOM 2
Ivy Winters Dress Code ELIMINATED

Episode 7: Glamazon by Colourevolution

Queen Market Placement
Adore Delano Mean Girls WINNER
Laganja Estranja WINNER
Bianca Del Rio Glamorous / Working Girls HIGH
Trinity K. Bonet HIGH
Courtney Act Hot Mamas LOW
Joslyn Fox LOW
BenDeLaCreme Cougars / Mature Ladies BOTTOM 2
Darienne Lake BOTTOM 2

Episode 4: Spoof! (There It Is)

Queen Placement
Kennedy Davenport WINNER
Ginger Minj HIGH
Jaidynn Diore Fierce HIGH
Katya HIGH
Miss Fame HIGH
Mrs. Kasha Davis SAFE
Violet Chachki SAFE
Kandy Ho LOW
Pearl BOTTOM 2
Trixie Mattel ELIMINATED

Episode 7: Shady Politics

Queen Placement
Bob The Drag Queen WINNER
Derrick Barry WINNER
Naomi Smalls HIGH
Kim Chi LOW
Chi Chi DeVayne BOTTOM 2

Episode 6: Drag Fish Tank

Queen Product Placement
Alaska Alaska Thunderfun
Fashion Tape
Katya Krisis Kontrol
by Katya
Alyssa Edwards Drop Dead Gorgeous
Energy Drink
Detox Detox's Talking
Trash Receptacle
Roxxxy Andrews Roxxxy's Wig Tricks Instructional DVD
+ Roxxxy Andrews Extra-Tacky Wig Glue!
Tatianna Spill the Tea...
with Tati Designer Tea Set

Episode 9: Your Pilot's On Fire

Queen Show Placement
Sasha Velour Teets & Asky WINNERS
Shea Couleé WINNERS
Peppermint Mary, Mother of Gay HIGH
Trinity Taylor HIGH
Alexis Michelle LOW
Nina Bo'nina Brown Nina & Tina BOTTOM 2

Episode 3: Tap The App

Queen Placement
Asia O'Hara WINNER
Blair St. Clair HIGH
Eureka O'Hara HIGH
Aquaria SAFE
Dusty Ray Bottoms SAFE
Monét X Change SAFE
Monique Heart SAFE
Miz Cracker SAFE
The Vixen SAFE
Kameron Michaels LOW
Mayhem Miller BOTTOM 2
Yuhua Hamasaki ELIMINATED

Episode 6: Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

Queen Name of Panel Placement
Eureka O'Hara Proportionizing
Kameron Michaels HIGH
Monét X Change HIGH
Aquaria Painted for Filth
Asia O'Hara SAFE
Monique Heart SAFE
Miz Cracker Wigaholics
The Vixen BOTTOM 2
Blair St. Clair ELIMINATED

Episode 7: Queen of Clubs

As a reward for returning to the competition, Latrice Royale got the opportunity to pair up the seven remaining queens into three groups; being Naomi Smalls and Valentina, Monét X Change and Monique Heart and Trinity the Tuck and Manila Luzon, with Latrice joining Trinity and Manila. The remaining queens were tasked with designing and hosting their own VIP Club nights. Team Latrice, Trinity and Manila decided to create a Bumble-Bee themed club titled Club Hive, with a honeycomb styled interior. Naomi and Valentina went for a 1996 fashion inspired nightclub titled Club 96 and Monét and Monique chose to create an alien themed club titled The Black Hole. Trinity and Latrice were the top two all stars of the week, meanwhile, Naomi Smalls and Valentina up for elimination. Latrice won the lipsync for your legacy and chose to eliminate Valentina.

Queen Club Placement
Latrice Royale Club Hive WINNER
Trinity the Tuck TOP 2
Manila Luzon HIGH
Monét X Change The Black Hole HIGH
Monique Heart SAFE
Naomi Smalls Club 96 BOTTOM 2

Episode 6: Thirsty Werk

Queen Placement
The Vivienne WINNER
Divina De Campo HIGH
Baga Chipz LOW
Cheryl Hole BOTTOM 2
Blu Hydrangea ELIMINATED

Episode 8: Droop

Queen Product Placement
Heidi N Closet "Heidi's Hydrates"
Multipurpose Lotion
Crystal Methyd "Magic Mullet"
Jackie Cox "Jackie's Magic Carpet Merkin"
Jaida Essence Hall "Luxuratuck"
Tucking Panty
Gigi Goode "Goode Night Bitch"
Fragrance Sleeping Aid
Sherry Pie "Sherry Pie's Aura Pie"
Widow Von'Du "Throaté"
Throat Coat Spray
Jan "Sure, Jan"

Episode 3: "Get a Room!"

Queen Placement
Jujubee TOP
Blair St. Clair HIGH
Mayhem Miller HIGH
Alexis Mateo SAFE
Miz Cracker SAFE
India Ferrah BOTTOM 3
Shea Coulee BOTTOM 3
Mariah Paris Balenciaga ELIMINATED

Episode 6: Star Sixty-Nine

Queen Placement
Rita Baga WINNER
Jimbo HIGH
Scarlett BoBo HIGH
Priyanka SAFE
Lemon LOW
Ilona Verley BOTTOM 2

Episode 2: Give Face!

Queen Placement
Envy Peru WINNER
Miss Abby OMG HIGH
Sederginne HIGH
ChelseaBoy SAFE
Janey Jacké SAFE
Ma'MaQueen SAFE
Megan Schoonbrood LOW
Madame Madness BOTTOM 2


  • Ongina was the first contestant to ever win a commercial challenge.
  • Alexis Mateo and Alaska are currently the only contestants to have won two different commercial challenges.
    • Alexis was able to achieve this in the same season, winning two commercial challenges in a single season.
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