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DaCota, also known as DaCota Monteiro, is the stage name of Caio Rodrigues,[1] a drag queen, performer, comedian, content creator, and the Season 1 winner of TNT Drag. She is also one of the permanent judges on the Season 2 of TNT Drag.

She later returned to the competitive scene in Season 1 of Queen Stars, where she placed 10th.

Drag Name Origin

"DaCota" is a play on with the portuguese word "Cota", it's a joke on the racial quota, which she was always accused being a part of in theater productions

TNT Drag

Season Competed TNT Drag 1 Queen Stars 1
Ranking: 1st Place
10th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5) N/A
Times Placed High: 2 (Ep. 2, 3)
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom N/A 2 (Ep. 2, 3)
Episode Eliminated N/A Episode 3

Queen Stars

Episode Song Result
1 "Material Girl" by Madonna ADV
2 "Apaga a Luz" by Gloria Groove BTM
3 "Rajadão" by Pabllo Vittar ELIM

Entrance Quote

TNT Drag Season 1

"Atenção jurados, preparem os panos porque a cotada chegou!"

Memorable Quotes

TNT Drag Season 1

  • "É Barbaro!"
  • "Eu vou ter que defender essa menina?"
  • "Você vem, Bettany?"
  • Meu nome é DaCota, eu sou o dragão que tá cuidando aqui da torre."


  • DaCota is the first winner on TNT Drag.
  • DaCota identifies as Non-Binary.[2]
  • DaCota and Aimée Lumière have the same birthday.
  • DaCota has a YouTube channel where they comedically review episodes of Drag Race, Drag Race All Stars, Dragula, Drag Race UK, Down Under and Espana.
  • DaCota is the first TNT contestant to never place in the bottom.
  • DaCota's favorite Drag Race contestant is Willam.[3]
  • DaCota loves musicals.[4]
  • DaCota is the first queen to become a judge on the TNT Drag franchise.
    • With her appearance on Queen Stars, she is the first queen on any Drag Series to go from contestant to judge to constestant.
  • Along with Sasha Zimmer, DaCota is one of two winners of a different Drag Series to compete on Queen Stars Season 1. DaCota won TNT Drag Season 1 while Sasha won Academia de Drags Season 2.


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