"It all started because I needed money. And here we are. You know that thing where everybody gets a trophy? Yeah? Well, I don’t. In my experience… That's total BS. People I know have to work really hard to get a win, and still most of the time, they just wind up losing. But hey, at least they tried. But some people don’t even try to win. They just take. And these losers are such losers, they don’t even know they’re losing. And every now and then, someone figures out how to make the best of the bad hand that’s dealt them. And that’s cool. And here’s the coolest thing of all. In life… Some people can still win, no matter how much they’ve lost. And as my friend Ruby says… ‘If no one’s giving you a trophy, you gotta find a way to snatch one on your own."

— AJ’s voice over on making the best of the hand you’re dealt in life

Dallas is the tenth episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


The end of the tour arrives as Ruby competes in Miss Drag USA, AJ prepares for Pop Pop's farm, and Brianna attempts one last desperate leap of faith."


Robert decides to eat some of the KFC that AJ is eating, which surprises the young girl given that the pageant is in two days. Robert proceeds to tell AJ that he has the crown in the bag and recalls the time he won the Queen of New York pageant.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Louis continues to call Patrick, who has yet to answer any of his calls. There is a knock on the door, and he thinks it’s Patrick, but it ends up being Brianna, who is at his apartment to apologize for her behavior the other day. She brings Louis a glazed doughnut as a peace offering. Which results in Louis letting her into the apartment.

Since Brianna is in a good mood and not flying into a fit of rage, Louis proceeds to tell her that AJ is fine, and that she’s on her way to Dallas to reunite with her grandpa. Brianna freaks out and ends up stealing some of Louis’ money he left on the table and that Brianna saw earlier when she was let in.

In some jail cell back in Jackson, Lady Danger yells out saying that she has been incarcerated incorrectly. Shortly thereafter a female officer comes in and tells her and the other girls that due overcrowding, she is being forced to escort a few of them out of this jail cell and to freedom. Back to her old tricks, she calls a rideshare still using Lorraine Broco’s credit card information. While looking for where to go, she finds out that Damien is staying at a Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans.

In New York, Louis goes to Patrick’s apartment to make up with him and brings him breakfast. He kisses him, and unbeknownst to Louis, there is another man in Patrick’s apartment. Eventually Louis realizes that there’s another man in the apartment. Patrick calls Jordan “nothing’ and that it was just sex. He tries to explain he was just really upset over the whole Robert thing. Jordan apologizes to Louis saying he didn’t know Patrick was seeing someone. He leaves Patrick behind after telling him he just broke a blind man’s heart. After that, Patrick tries to make Jordan leave as well, but the other man points out that he can’t since Louis left with his pants.

At the pageant, Robert takes the last private room with AJ’s help. AJ showed him a picture of Pop Pop. The queens run through dress rehearsal where Danielle tries to intimidate Ruby because after five years of not winning, she thinks that this is her year.

At some restaurant, Damien goes to order a salad, but ends up changing his mind and instead orders a whole bunch of junk food. He calls a travel agent to make sure that his flight from New Orleans to Cuba is all set up, but while on the phone, he starts choking and sees a blinding white light. In that moment, memories of his time with Robert flash right before his eyes and a tear falls down his face. He manages to get the food that was stuck in his throat, but it ends up hitting the car’s glass.

Back in Dallas, Robert gets a call from Damien but he doesn’t answer. Later, he listens to Damien’s voicemail, where he tells Robert that he has the money, for real this time. He wants to bring it to Robert, saying that it’s the least he can do for him. He asks Robert to call him back to figure out a place they can meet. AJ overhears it, and doesn’t believe Damien’s claims. Robert, for his part, thinks Damien sounded different this time.

At night, Louis surprises Robert and AJ by showing up and tells his best friend about how Patrick cheated on him. Robert comforts him and tells Louis that Patrick was not the love of his life. That somewhere out there, there is somelese out there for Louis. He thinks that Patrick is the best he can do since he’s a big blind “girl”.

Lady Danger ends up arriving in Dallas trying to find Damien, and ends up breaking into Robert’s RV and proceeds to steal his money and as the final act of revenge, hangs all of Robert’s wigs. Later, Robert comes out of where the pageant is taking place, and sees all of it. He thinks Christian protestors are at fault, but one of them tells them they saw a gaudy queen in blue spandex do it.

Defeated, Robert is about to call it quits, when the other pageant queens (sans Danielle) come to Robert’s RV. They all have chipped in and give him some of their red wigs, in hopes he can do something with them because red is her color.

In his dressing room, with Louis’ help Robert has managed to make some fabulous wigs. Louis takes AJ with him to give Robert some alone time, and a few seconds later Damien shows up in a crisp silver tux. Robert gets scared, and yells out to Damien to not close the door, and Damien listens.

Damien hands over a sports bag full of cash to Robert, but refuses to tell him whose money it is. Robert asks him to leave, but before he does, Damien tells Robert that it wasn’t all a lie. That he thinks he is in love with him. Robert asks Damien a bit exasperated if that makes him gay now. Damien admits that he’s not sure on the label yet, but that he has feelings for Robert, and that’s the truth. Robert thinks it’s just another scam and tells Damien that it’s the cruelest one, because he had real feelings for Damien. Damien tells Robert that this has nothing to do with Lady Danger, and that he’s on his own now. He asks Robert to just kiss him, because once he does, Damien thinks Robert will feel what he is trying to say to him. But before that can happen, AJ comes into the dressing room with a trophy in tow and knocks him out. AJ quickly explains she thinks Danielle called the cops and social services and that if either of them get her, there’s no way she will see her Pop Pop now. Robert agrees and says that they’ve come too far to not see it through and leave the pageant, so that Robert can take AJ to her Pop Pop’s home. On their way out, Robert sees Louis and promises to come back to pick him up later after dropping off AJ with his grandfather.

Louis ends up competing in Robert’s place, and is almost disqualified but Danielle, thinking she has it in the bag, urges the judges to let Coco Butter compete. Once she’s in, Coco reveals she’s blind. She performs live ‘Unspeakable Joy’ on the piano and gets the whole crowd excited. Eventually leading to a standing ovation.

Eventually, Lee Saint Lee gets named the second alternate winner, followed by Coco Butter as the first alternate winner. Which leaves Danielle as the winner of that year’s pageant. Meanwhile, Damiens regains consciousness and walks to the backstage of the pageant. Lady Danger also ends up backstage, and recalls when she was part of the top five hopefuls for Miss America 1995. She gets teary eyed at remembering how she only got 4th place and she left the stage, giving everyone the middle finger. In the present, she steals the crown and bolts.

Back in his RV, Robert looks through AJ’s backpack and finds her Jasmine doll along with the picture of Pop Pop, which upon closer inspection has the Getty images label on the picture. Realizing the truth, Robert gets off the RV and rushes to get to AJ. AJ cries saying nobody wants him, but Robert tells him that he wants her. But after the two of them hug, Brianna shows up in a cop car. She yells out that he hates her so much. Robert then narrates how AJ thinks this is her story, but she’s wrong. That in reality, this is their story.

Title and Background

Dallas is the name of a city in Texas that AJ and Robert find themselves in.



Special Guest Stars

Guest Starring

  • Matthew Wilkas as Officer Patrick Kennedy[2]
  • Trinity The Tuck as Danielle Dupri
  • Jujubee as Lee Saint Lee
  • Todd Sherry as Ewan
  • Constantine Rousouli as Jordan
  • Jimmy Ray Bennett as Kevin
  • Ptolemy Slocum as Paulie the Cabbie
  • Diane Delano as Jail Officer


  • Chet Grissom as TV Host
  • Jimmy Walker, Jr. as Farmer
  • Lockhart Brownlie as Dancer #1
  • Anders Arabolaza as Dancer #2
  • Miles Faber as Dancer #3
  • Nick Gilligan as Dancer #4
  • Erin Flynn as Angry Protester
  • Maura Swanson as Protest Woman
  • Zeyne Guzeldereli as Gay Fan
  • Troy Hines II
  • Ben Bigler
  • Francesco Toby


Song Performer(s) Scene
"It's Raining Men" The Weather Girls RV singalong.
"Big Gay Anthem (StarLab Radio Edit)" DJ Stonedog feat. Thara Banda Plays when the pagent winner is announced as the crown is stolen by Lady Danger.


  • Pandora Boxx makes a cameo in this episode , appearing as an unnamed drag queen.[4]
  • Trinity The Tuck is credited as Ryan Taylor for her appearance in this episode.
  • Lady Danger’s real name is revealed to be Leilani Kala’i when the announcer for Miss America 1995 calls her by her actual name.


Musical Scenes


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