The Dancing Challenge or Choreography Challenge is a challenge where the contestants are requested to perform their best dancing abilities or to present their choreographed numbers in order to win the mini-challenge or the maxi-challenge.

Dance Challenge Winners


These are the queens who won the Dance maxi-challenge in their respective season.


These are the queens who won the Dance mini-challenge in their respective season.

All Dance Maxi-Cahellenges

Episode 2: Girl Group Challenge

Queen Placement
Nina Flowers HIGH TEAM
Rebecca Glasscock HIGH TEAM
Bebe Zahara Benet SAFE
Akashia BOTTOM 2

Episode 2: Starrbootylicious

Queen Placement
Sahara Davenport WINNER
Jessica Wild HIGH TEAM
Mystique Summers HIGH TEAM
Tyra Sanchez HIGH TEAM
Morgan McMichaels SAFE
Pandora Boxx SAFE
Tatianna SAFE
Sonique LOW
Raven BOTTOM 2
Nicole Paige Brooks ELIMINATED

Episode 2: WTF!: Wrestling's Trashiest Fighters

Queen Character Placement
Team Phi Phi Team Willam Team Chad
Chad Michaels Chaderella Chainsaw Michaels WINNER
Madame LaQueer Madame LaCrush WINNER
Milan Milan the Model HIGH TEAM
Sharon Needles Sharon Shocker HIGH TEAM
Kenya Michaels Killer Kenya HIGH
Latrice Royale Latrice the Beast HIGH
Phi Phi O'Hara Phi Phi Fierce HIGH
Jiggly Caliente J-Train Jiggly SAFE
Willam Willamita Hater SAFE
Dida Ritz DiDa Diddles LOW
The Princess Pucker Up Princess BOTTOM 2
Lashauwn Beyond Lashauwn the Blonde ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?

Queen Role Placement
Act One
Team Jinkx
Act Two
Team Coco
Alyssa Edwards Bad RuPaul WINNER
Ivy Winters Lady Bunny HIGH
Jinkx Monsoon 21-Year Old RuPaul HIGH
Alaska RuPaul's Mother SAFE
Coco Montrese Good RuPaul SAFE
Detox 90s RuPaul SAFE
Jade Jolie Young RuPaul SAFE
Lineysha Sparx The Supremes' Diana Ross SAFE
Roxxxy Andrews Modern RuPaul LOW
Honey Mahogany 90s Diana Ross ELIMINATED
Vivienne Pinay America's Next Drag Superstar ELIMINATED

Episode 10: Prancing Queens

Queen Placement
Violet Chachki WINNER
Kennedy Davenport SAFE
Pearl SAFE
Ginger Minj BOTTOM 2
Trixie Mattel ELIMINATED

Episode 2: She Done Already Done Brought It On

Queen Role Placement
RuPaul's Glamazons
Team Nina
B-52 Bombers
Team Cynthia
Valentina also Corny WINNER
Shea Couleé Flirty HIGH
Trinity Taylor Tacky HIGH
Aja Sassy SAFE
Alexis Michelle Floozy SAFE
Cynthia Lee Fontaine Naughty SAFE
Eureka O'Hara Wacky SAFE
Farrah Moan Thorny SAFE
Nina Bo'nina Brown Assy SAFE
Peppermint Corny SAFE
Sasha Velour Dirty SAFE
Charlie Hides Boozy LOW
Kimora Blac Slutty BOTTOM 2
Jaymes Mansfield Snoozy ELIMINATED

Episode 6: "Commercial, Commercial"

NOTE: The challenge itself wasn't the maxi challenge, but just a secondary part of the runway, the scores from both the dance challenge and the runway challenge were combined into the final judging, and Dearis Doll was declared as the winner.

Queen Placement
Dearis Doll WINNER
Année Maywong HIGH
Natalia Pliacam HIGH
B Ella LOW

Episode 5: "Dancing Days"

Queen Placement
Leidy Lei WINNER
Hugo Grrrl SAFE
Lola Blades SAFE
Bunny Holiday BOTTOM 2

Episode 6: The Draglympics

Queen Placement
A'keria Chanel Davenport WINNER
Brooke Lynn Hytes HIGH TEAM
Yvie Oddly HIGH TEAM
Silky Nutmeg Ganache HIGH TEAM
Shuga Cain HIGH TEAM
Plastique Tiara SAFE
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo SAFE
Nina West LOW
Ra'Jah O'Hara BOTTOM 2

Episode 2: "Twinkle Toes"

Queen Placement
Bionica WINNER
Elektra Shock WINNER
Claire Voyant SAFE
Jen Tré Fire SAFE
Kelly Fornia SAFE
Willy SmacknTush BOTTOM 2
Rhubarb Rouge ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Dancing Queens

Queen Placement
Envy Peru WINNER
ChelseaBoy HIGH
Sederginne HIGH
Janey Jacké SAFE
Miss Abby OMG BOTTOM 3
Ma'Ma Queen BOTTOM 3
Madame Madness ELIMINATED

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