Darwin Ruz is a Chilean dancer, choreographer and a coach on The Switch Drag Race.


A child of teenage parents, he was born in 1981 in Chile. His parents got married despite their young age and went to live in Uruguay. His childhood developed there and only at the age of 8 did he return to Chile with his mother and his brothers.


Darwin Ruz's career as a dancer began at 18, hidden from his family. He continued studying law, training volleyball and going to cast B rehearsals. For 5 months he was nurturing and receiving an academic training in this world of dance. That same year he rose to cast A of BAFOCHI and was there for 6 years; he still considers himself part of them, even though he no longer dances with the company.

The year 2003 would bring new opportunities for Darwin's career: getting into television. There he met Hugo Urrutia, another of the mentors he has had in his life. "With Hugo I learned to work on television, I learned the values ​​of an artist and that humility is worth more than anything else." That year he participated in the first season of "El Baile".

Upon his return to Chile, he returned to television. After TVN she also worked in Chilevisión in shows like "Fiebre de Baile", "Bailando por un Sueño and Yingo"; and later he was in the program "Bailando" on Canal 13.

It was in this last program where, as a couple with Marcela Sabat, he had a conflict with one of the jurors. However, this event he believes brought him closer to the people. He received a lot of support and his followers grew on social media.



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