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Dovima Nurmi is the stage name of Rafael De Lorente,[1] a drag performer and one of the contestants of the first season of Drag Race España.

Drag Name Origin

The origin of her drag name is a mix between the name of the famous 1950s model Dovima and the iconic American actress Maila Nurmi, who is best known for her role "Vampira".

Track Record(s)

Dovima Nurmi
Seasons Competed: España Season 1
Ranking: 5th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 3 (Eps. 1, 3, 6)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 6

Memorable Quotes

Drag Race España Season 1

  • "¿Alguien ha pedido una zorra a domicilio?" (entrance quote)[2]
  • "[gasps] Surprise! Today, we realized Vulcano can talk.[wrong language]"[3]
  • "Las cosas como el semen, a la cara."[3]
  • "Me miran, me admiran, porque soy Dovima. Te miro, suspiras. Zorra, divina. Perversa, altiva. La licra ceñida a ti te domina. Seré tu heroína. (verse in Divas)[3]
  • "Si queríais un show privado mío... ¡tenías que haberlo dicho desde un principio!"[4]
  • "[laughs] ¡Qué zorra!" (after Carmen Farala read her)[4]
  • "[high-pitched laugh] Ooooh!''
  • Solo tengo una cosa que decir. Nos vemos en el infierno, zorras. (elimination quote)
  • ''Me voy, que han pedido una zorra a domicilio.'' (exit quote)


  • "Si tuviera que definir a Dovima en una palabra sería ''bicha''. Tengo un cierto punto de reina mala. Oscura, zorra, elegante, meticulosa y un poco hija de puta." (In the Meet The Queens)[5]
  • "No he venido aquí a ganar, he venido aquí a joder al resto con mi presencia." (In the Meet The Queens)[5]
  • "Qué asco. La gente cuando me conozca dirá ''qué asco de tía''. No los culpo." (In the Meet The Queens)[5]

Farewell Message



  • Dovima was leaked before the Drag Race España Season 1 cast was officially announced with footage of her walking down the runway modeling for a Design Challenge.[6]
  • In the queen reveal trailer on the WOWPresents YouTube channel her name was misspelled as "Dovima Durmi".
    • This mistake was later fixed.
  • Dovima used to be roommates with Sagittaria.
    • It is revealed in the first episode that they had a major falling out over a man, amongst other quarrels.
      • They are, however, getting along well within the competition.
        • Because of this, once they were placed in the bottom to lipsync against one another, Dovima refused to participate, handing her spot in the competition to Sagittaria, who she deemed deserving of it more.
  • Dovima is the first queen ...
    • ... to be leaked from Drag Race España.
    • ... to survive a lip-sync for your life on Drag Race España.
    • ... in the franchise to be made to lip-sync on their own. Sister Sister was also left lip-syncing alone after Ginny Lemon walked off the stage, but in Dovima's case, after her fellow competitor Inti — who was set to be in the bottom 2 with her — quit the competition during Untucked (before results were announced), Dovima was asked by the judges to still lip-sync by herself to keep the spirit and tradition of the competition.
    • ... in the franchise to be sent to the Untucked Lounge alone.
  • Dovima is the 4th queen in the franchise who refused to lip-sync, the first being Tammie Brown, second being Ginny Lemon, and third being Inti.
    • She is however the first queen to not move at all during the lip-sync.
  • Dovima's elimination was leaked by World of Wonder's official Instagram account after they accidentally posted her "Spoiler Alert" elimination clip onto Instagram a day before the episode aired, instead of posting Hugáceo's elimination.[7]
  • At 5th place, Dovima is the highest placing contestant on Drag Race España to never win a Maxi Challenge or at least place in the top on any episode.


Drag Race España Season 1

Drag Race España Season 1 Looks

Gran Hotel de las Reinas

Drag Race España Season 2

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Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2021 Drag Race España (Season 1) Self Contestant (Placed 5th) [8]
2021 Tras la Carrera Self Guest [8]
2022 Drag Race España (Season 2) Self Special Guest [8]
2022 Sí lo digo Self Guest [8]



Year Title Artwork Notes
2021 "Divas
(Las Cinco Y Cuarto)"
Divas LasCincoYCuarto Artwork.png by The Cast of Drag Race España

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