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Drag Race Brasil[8] was first teased on August 8, 2022 when World of Wonder published a casting call for Brazilian drag artists via social media accounts.[9]

On December 12, 2022, the series was confirmed, along with the announcement that it would air on MTV and Paramount+ in Brazil.[4][5]

The series' logo was revealed on June 6, 2023.[3]

Winner of Queen of the Universe Season 1, Grag Queen, was unveiled as the series' host on July 12, 2023.[2] Furthermore, the main judges, comedienne Bruna Braga and stylist Dudu Bertholini, were revealed the following week.[1]

On January 31, 2024, the series was removed from Paramount Plus, along with other international series, in a global move from the network to reduce international originals, manage costs, and focus on big U.S. studio productions.[10] It was revealed the series would be moving to WOW Presents Plus, and a second season was also confirmed, on February 5, 2024.[11][12]

Before being announced by World of Wonder in 2022, the show had been in production as early as 2017, with Endemol Shine Brasil (in accordance with Passion Distribution) having licensing rights to Drag Race in the country and announcing that the show was in the works,[13] with RuPaul himself allegedly wanting to be a part of the project.[14][15] At the Emmys in 2017, however, RuPaul said he had heard about the rumor and expressed that he had no idea where it came from.[16]

Following the interview, Endemol Shine reinforced that the company secured the licensing rights to produce a local franchise of the show in Brazil.[17] The company indeed owned the rights to produce the program in the country, registering a brand with the name Drag Race Brasil.[8]

However, upon its two-time postponement,[18][19] the project was ultimately cancelled by Endemol Shine Brasil due to the political situation of the country, as well as Brazil's polarized view on LGBTQIA+ matters, thus making it harder for broadcasters to pick up the project.[20]

Series Overview

Season No.
Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 12[6] 12[7] August 30, 2023[1] November 15, 2023


Season Prizes


See: Judges/Drag Race Brasil

Each season of Drag Race Brasil features Grag Queen as host and main judge, with Bruna Braga and Dudu Bertholini completing the main panel. Additionally, each episode has a guest judge who only appears in that episode.


Season Artwork

Runway Themes


Place Season 1
1st Organzza
2nd Betina Polaroid

Hellena Malditta

Miranda Lebrão
5th Shannon Skarllet
6th Naza
7th Dallas de Vil
8th Rubi Ocean
9th Aquarela
10th Melusine Sparkle
11th Tristan Soledade
12th Diva More
The contestant won Drag Race Brasil.
The contestant was voted Miss Congeniality.


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