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Season 1 of Drag Race España was officially announced via World of Wonder's Instagram on November 16, 2020[1]. The show is slated to air on ATRESplayer in Spain and select territories on WOWPresents Plus, similarly to it's Dutch counterpart with subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Casting for Season 1 opened in 29 December, 2020[2] and in February 15, 2021, it was announced that Supremme de Luxe would be the host of the spanish version of the show.

The show is expected to be released in 2021.


None of the Contestants have been offically announced, although it's confirmed that the queens will come from Spain. This season will feature 12 Queens. [3]

Queen Photo Current City Status
Arantxa Castilla-
La Mancha
ArantxaRumored.jpg Madrid LEAKED
Carmen Farala CarmenFaralaRumored.jpg Madrid LIKELY
Dovima Nurmi DovimaRumored.jpg Barcelona LEAKED
Drag Vulcano DragVulcano.jpg Gran Canaria POSSIBLE
HugaceoCrujiente.jpg Valencia POSSIBLE
Inti IntiRumored.jpg Belgium POSSIBLE
KillerQueen.jpg Madrid LIKELY
The Macarena MacarenaRumored.jpg Cádiz LIKELY
PupiPoisson.jpg Madrid POSSIBLE
Sagittaria Sagitaria.jpg Barcelona LIKELY




  • Drag Race España is the sixth international installment of the Drag Race franchise, following the Chilean, Thai, British, Canadian and Dutch spinoffs. This does not include La Más Draga, Queen of Drags or House of Drag, which are all separate from WOWPresents.
  • Drag Race Espana is the first entry in the Drag Race franchise...
    • to have a non-English title for its country of origin.
    • to come from Spain.
    • to be streamed on ATRESplayer.



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