Season 1 of Drag Race Holland was officially announced via Videoland's Instagram on July 26, 2020[1]. The show airs on Videoland and select territories on WOWPresents Plus.

It was confirmed that 10 new queens would be competing to become Holland's First Drag Superstar. The winner of Drag Race Holland will receive a crown, scepter and necklace provided by Fierce Drag Jewels, a cover shoot and 10-page feature in Dutch Cosmopolitan, and a custom dress by Dutch designer Claes Iversen worth €18.000.[2] 

The series airs on Videoland in The Netherlands and on WOW Presents Plus elsewhere.[3] The cast was officially announced on September 7, 2020.

About The Show

In Drag Race Holland ten candidates have to prove that they are the most beautiful, best, most original and creative drag queen in the Netherlands. They do this every episode in three consecutive parts: the mini-challenge, the maxi-challenge, and the runway. After the judges determine which two queens performed the least that week, they compete against each other in the all-deciding Lip-Sync-For-Your-Life-Battle. One queen has to leave the field every week, until there are only three left in the grand finale. One of them will be the very first Drag Race Superstar in the Netherlands! The presentation is in the hands of Fred van Leer.



(Ages and names stated are during time of contest)

Rank Queen Photo Real Name Age Current City Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8
TBA Envy
EnvyS1Promo.jpg Boris
31 Amsterdam, NH SAFE WIN
TBA ChelseaBoy ChelseaS1Promo.jpg Brian
van der
26 Amsterdam, NH HIGH SAFE
TBA Janey
JaneyS1Promo.jpg Justin
TBA Ma'Ma Queen MaMaS1Promo.jpg Dennis
30 Rotterdam, ZH LOW SAFE WIN BTM3
TBA Miss
MissAbbyS1Promo.jpg Henrique
25 Breda,


6th Sederginne SederginneS1Promo.jpg Serge
7th Madame
MadameS1Promo.jpg Rowan
23 Amsterdam, NH SAFE BTM2 LOW
8th Megan
MeganS1Promo.jpg Michael
30 Rotterdam, ZH BTM2 LOW ELIM
9th Patty
PattyS1Promo.jpg Pieter
34 Amsterdam, NH SAFE ELIM
10th Roem RoemS1Promo.jpg Willem
21 Urk,


The contestant won Drag Race Holland.
The contestant won the maxi challenge.
The contestant was one of the multiple maxi challenge winners.
The contestant was one of the best but did not win the maxi challenge.
The contestant was a member of a winning team, but did not win the maxi challenge.
The contestant was one of the worst but did not place in the bottom two.
The contestant placed in the bottom two but neither one was eliminated.
The contestant placed in the bottom two and won the Lip Sync for your life.
The contestant placed in the bottom two, lost the Lip Sync for your life, and was eliminated.
The contestant was voted Miss Congeniality by the contestants.
The contestant returned and appeared on the "Reunion" episode, but was out of the running.


Series # Episode # Episode Title Air Date
1 1 Land of the Queens September 18, 2020
2 2 Give Face! September 25, 2020
3 3 Drama Queens October 2, 2020
4 4 Dancing Queens October 9, 2020
5 5 Snatch Game October 16, 2020
6 6 TBA October 23, 2020
7 7 TBA October 30, 2020
8 8 TBA November 6, 2020

Episode 1: "Land of the Queens"

Airdate: September 18, 2020

Summary: In the first episode, 10 queens make their debut Werkroom entrance, and they all have the same dream: to become the first Dutch Drag Superstar! There can only be 1 winner and the battle to the top has just begun. The queens are challenged to hold their breath as they are immediately thrown into the deep end for their first photoshoot. And for the runway, the queens are tasked with creating a legendary look based on their favorite queen.

  • Guest Judges: Sanne Wallis de Vries and Claes Iversen
  • Mini Challenge: Underwater photoshoot
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Miss Abby OMG
  • Maxi Challenge: Present a runway look inspired by their favorite queen
  • Runway Theme: Who's Your Queen? (Runway inspired by the contestants' favorite queen)
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Janey Jacké
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A prize package from Make-Up Studio worth €1000
  • Bottom Two: Megan Schoonbrood and Roem
  • Lip Sync Song: "Express Yourself" by Madonna
  • Eliminated: Roem
  • Farewell Message: "Meiden, het was gezellig, ik ga een frikandel bakken, xoxo Roem. P.S.: ik heb jullie pruiken doorgeknipt!" ("Girls, it's been fun, I'm going to make a frikandel, xoxo Roem. P.S.: I've cut your wigs!")

Entrance Order

1. Miss Abby OMG
2. ChelseaBoy
3. Janey Jacké
4. Megan Schoonbrood
5. Madame Madness
6. Roem
7. Sederginne
8. Ma'Ma Queen
9. Patty Pam-Pam
10. Envy Peru

Who's Your Queen?

Queen Runway Inspiration
ChelseaBoy Alien Queen
Envy Peru Máxima, Queen of the Night
Janey Jacké Queen Bee
Madame Madness Queen of Hearts
Ma'Ma Queen Maria
Megan Schoonbrood Diana Ross
Miss Abby OMG Carnival Queen
Patty Pam-Pam Freddie Mercury
Roem Evil Queen
Sederginne Marie Antoinette

Underwater Photoshoot

Episode 2: "Give Face!"

Episode 2 Judges

Airdate: September 25, 2020

Summary: The competition has started. The queens have found themselves in an emotional rollercoaster, where they get in each other's hair and old pain comes up. Fortunately, the laughing muscles are also trained when they make a hilarious drag workout video together with the Jane Fonda from the low countries. On the Runway, the queens must show their true face.

  • Special Guest: Olga Commandeur
  • Guest Judges: NikkieTutorials and Roxeanne Hazes
  • Mini Challenge: Decorate clogs and model them
  • Mini Challenge Winner: ChelseaBoy and Envy Peru
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Choosing their teammates for the Maxi Challenge.
  • Maxi Challenge: Produce a fitness video with a signature workout.
  • Runway Theme: Give Face, Face, Face (Runway focused on their makeup, along with a hand-painted dress).
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Envy Peru
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: Prize package of hair products and styling tools by John Beerens, worth €1,000
  • Bottom Two: Madame Madness and Patty Pam-Pam
  • Lip Sync Song: "Roar" by Katy Pery
  • Eliminated: Patty Pam-Pam
  • Farewell Message: "Meiden, het was me een genoegen, maar ik heb er genoeg van. Wees LIEF." ("Girls, it's been an honor, but I've had enough. Be KIND.")

Fitness Videos

Team ChelseaBoy - Spice Up Your Sexlife Team Envy - Gym Club 69
Contestant Workout Section Contestant Workout Section
ChelseaBoy Hosting, advertising & cooling down Envy Peru Hosting and chair
Janey Jacké Elastic band Sederginne Hula hoop
Body Spice
(Miss Abby OMG)
Massage roller Megan Schoonbrood Dumbbell
Ma'Ma Queen Elastic rope Patty Pam-Pam Stretching bar
Madame Madness Ball

Give Face, Face, Face

Queen Runway Inspiration
ChelseaBoy Spray of Life
Envy Peru Pop art Housewife
Janey Jacké Alien Supermodel
Madame Madness Madame in Gold
Ma'Ma Queen Spiritual Vision
Megan Schoonbrood Melting Ice Cream
Miss Abby OMG Crying Rainbow
Patty Pam-Pam Starry, Starry Night
Sederginne Jackson Pollock, Soldier of Colors

Episode 3: "Drama Queens"

Airdate: October 2, 2020

Summary: After the tumultuous ending from the previous episode, the knives have been sharpened extra sharp because in this competition, there is only 1 that can stand in the spotlight. The queens act it out in a scene from the new series: Gooische Drags. Actor Rick Paul van Mulligen tries to teach them the tricks of the trade. And the runway has a Dutch touch: Miss Holland.

  • Guest Judges: Rick Paul van Mulligen and Claes Iversen
  • Mini Challenge: Playing traditional 'Queen's Day' games. (Koekhappen, Spijkerpoepen and Zaklopen)
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Madame Madness and Sederginne
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Choosing their teammates for the Maxi Challenge.
  • Maxi Challenge: Act in a drag queen version of the movie "Gooische Vrouwen".
  • Runway Theme: Miss Holland
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Ma'Ma Queen
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A makeup bag, trolly and kit courtesy of, worth €1,000.
  • Bottom Two: Megan Schoonbrood and Miss Abby OMG
  • Lip Sync Song: "Why Tell Me Why" by Anita Meyer
  • Eliminated: Megan Schoonbrood
  • Farewell Message: "Jullie zijn als echte zussen voor mij. Ik ga dit missen, maar vooral jullie. Maar! Het is een game, wees eerlijk. Kus, Megan" ("You guys are like real sisters to me. I'm going to miss this, but mostly you all. But! This is a game, be truthful. Kisses, Megan.")

Miss Holland

Queen Runway Inspiration
ChelseaBoy Weather you like it or not
Envy Peru Little Miss Sunshine
Janey Jacké Water Works
Madame Madness Dutch Cowgirl
Ma'Ma Queen Ma'Ma Marihuana
Megan Schoonbrood Read my TuLips
Miss Abby OMG Miss Bouquet[4]
Sederginne Hay Girl Hay!

Episode 4: "Dancing Queens"

Airdate: October 9, 2020

Summary: The queens have to perform like their lives depend on it. Mayday, the mother of the dragscene, comes by to throw some shade with the girls, because 'reading is fundamental!'. The queens are prepared for a dance battle by Pride-ambassador Amber Vineyard. On the runway, the queens have to sparkle like never before, but the outcome has an unexpected twist.

  • Special Guest: Diva Mayday
  • Guest Judges: Amber Vineyard and Sanne Wallis de Vries
  • Mini Challenge: Reading is Fundamental
  • Mini Challenge Winners: Ma'Ma Queen and Sederginne
  • Maxi Challenge: A Dance Battle choreographed by Amber Vineyard
  • Runway Theme: Shine Bright Like A Diamond
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Envy Peru
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A €1,000 giftcard for erotic items and men's underwear courtesy of Mr. B.
  • Bottom Three: Madame Madness, Ma'Ma Queen and Miss Abby OMG
  • Lip Sync Song: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston
  • Eliminated: Madame Madness
  • Farewell Message: "Nou meiden, het was een harige... situatie! De ballen! (Ik heb voor iedereen een briefje geschreven) Lots of love, Madame Madness" ("Well girls, it was a hairy... situation! See ya! (I wrote everyone a letter) Lots of love, Madame Madness")
Queen Runway Inspiration Who Should Lip Sync Tonight?
ChelseaBoy Treasure Chest Madame Madness and Miss Abby OMG
Envy Peru Studio 54
Janey Jacké Some Like It Hot
Ma'Ma Queen Black Panther
Madame Madness Dripping Chandelier Herself and Miss Abby OMG
Miss Abby OMG Sparkling Diamonds Madame Madness and Sederginne
Sederginne Super Glam Nanny Madame Madness and Miss Abby OMG

Episode 5: "Snatch Game"

Airdate: October 16, 2020

Fred and the Queens during Snatch Game

Summary: It's Snatch Game time! Drag Race's most beloved and infamous challenge is here! Which celebrity skins will the queens get into, and who will survive this challenge? But before that happens, they will first have to reveal themselves. Literally. On the runway, the queens must show themselves from 2 sides.

  • Special Guests: Rob Jacobs and Monica Geuze
  • Guest Judges: Carlo Boszhard and Ruth Jacott
  • Mini Challenge: A nude photoshoot
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Janey Jacké
  • Mini Challenge Prize: A photo-session with Rob Jacobs.
  • Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game
  • Runway Theme: Half Man, Half Queen
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Envy Peru
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A €1000 giftcard from Sofacompany.
  • Bottom Two: Miss Abby OMG and Sederginne
  • Lip Sync Song: "Girl" by Anouk
  • Eliminated: Sederginne
  • Farewell Message: "WAT EEN FEEST X Sederginne X" ("WHAT A PARTY X Sederginne X")

Half Man, Half Queen

Queen Runway Inspiration Snatch Game Character
ChelseaBoy Metamorphosis Joe Exotic
Envy Peru Señor and Señorita Peru Patty Brard
Janey Jacké Different Reflections Anny Schilder
Ma'Ma Queen Dancing With The Devil Ryanne van Dorst
Miss Abby OMG It's a Tie Michella Kox
Sederginne Muppet Marriage Mega Mega Mindy

Nude Photoshoot

Episode 6: "TBA"

Airdate: October 23, 2020

Summary: TBA

  • Guest Judges: Ryanne van Dorst and Loiza Lamers
  • Mini Challenge: TBA
  • Mini Challenge Winner: TBA
  • Mini Challenge Prize: TBA
  • Maxi Challenge: Improv and Makeover Challenge
  • Runway Theme: TBA
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: TBA
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: TBA
  • Bottom Two: TBA
  • Lip Sync Song: "TBA" by TBA
  • Eliminated: TBA
  • Farewell Message: "TBA"


Gallery pic.png
Check out the lookbook gallery to see the queens' looks from each episode.



  • Drag Race Holland is the first entry in the 'Drag Race' franchise...
    • to be hosted by a retired drag queen (Fred van Leer).
    • to feature a deaf queen (Megan Schoonbrood).
    • to feature a Peruvian queen (Envy Peru).
    • to feature a Flemish queen (Sederginne).
    • to be filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • to have guest judges return up to three times within the same season.
    • within Europe to be non-English speaking.
    • within Europe to not be hosted by RuPaul.
      • Drag Race Holland is the second European spinoff overall, after Drag Race UK.
    • where the winner wins a dress (worth €18.000).
  • Drag Race Holland is the second entry in the 'Drag Race' franchise...
  • The first episode premiered on September 18, 2020, on Fred van Leer's 44th birthday.
  • The show has English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles for non-Dutch speakers on WOWPresents+.



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