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The second season of Drag Race Holland was announced on February 17, 2021 via Videoland's Instagram.[1] Casting opened that same day with a deadline of March 1, 2021.[2]

On July 9, 2021, it was announced that the second season would premiere on August 6, 2021,[3] and on July 27, 2021, the ten queens competing for the title of ‘Next Dutch Drag Race Superstar’ were revealed.[4]

The winner received a cash prize of €15,000 (≈ US$17,508), a crown and scepter from Fierce Drag Jewels, their own stage at Milkshake Festival 2022 in Amsterdam and a beauty editorial in the Dutch edition of Cosmopolitan.[5]

The winner of the second season of Drag Race Holland was Vanessa Van Cartier with My Little Puny placing as the runner-up and Tabitha winning Miss Congeniality.


(Biographical information stated from during time of contest)

Rank Contestant Photo Age[6] Location[6] Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8
Design Snatch
Rusical Make
Improv Acting Finale
Vanessa van Cartier VanessaVanCartierDRH2Promo 41 Rotterdam HIGH SAFE SAFE LOW WIN LOW SAFE
My Little Puny MyLittlePunyDRH2Promo 38 Amsterdam HIGH SAFE SAFE WIN
3rd Vivaldi VivaldiDRH2Promo 22 Enschede HIGH HIGH WIN SAFE HIGH BTM2 BTM2 ELIM
4th Keta Minaj KetaMinajDRH2Promo 40 Amsterdam WIN SAFE WIN HIGH HIGH
Tabitha TabithaDRH2Promo 46 Amsterdam SAFE LOW LOW HIGH BTM3 ELIM MISS
6th The Countess TheCountessDRH2Promo 21 Amsterdam SAFE WIN
7th Ivy-Elyse Ivy-ElyseDRH2Promo 35 Amsterdam LOW BTM2 BTM2
8th Love Masisi LoveMasisiDRH2Promo 43 Amsterdam SAFE HIGH ELIM GUEST
9th Reggy B ReggyBDRH2Promo 25 Amsterdam BTM2 ELIM GUEST
10th Juicy Kutoure JuicyKutoureDRH2Promo 24 Amsterdam ELIM GUEST
The contestant won Drag Race Holland.
The contestant was a runner-up.
The contestant was eliminated before the final lip sync.
The contestant won the maxi challenge.
The contestant was one of the multiple maxi challenge winners.
The contestant received positive critiques but did not win the maxi challenge.
The contestant was a member of a winning team, but did not win the maxi challenge.
The contestant received negative critiques but did not place in the bottom.
The contestant placed in the bottom but neither one was eliminated.
The contestant placed in the bottom and won the Lip Sync for your life.
The contestant placed in the bottom, lost the Lip Sync for your life, and was eliminated.
The contestant received negative critiques, and was put in the bottom for breaking the show's rules.
The contestant appeared as a guest, but was out of the running.


Series # Episode # Episode Title Air Date
9 1 Who's That Queen? August 6, 2021
10 2

Ooh, I Got Sunburned!

Oeh Chiiiile, I Got Sunburned!

August 13, 2021
11 3

Icons Only (Snatch Game)

Icons Only (Snatchgame)

August 20, 2021
12 4 Cinderella in Mokum August 27, 2021
13 5 Dearly Beloved (Family Resemblance) September 3, 2021
14 6 Spill the Coffee September 10, 2021
15 7 Whodunnit September 17, 2021
16 8

Drag Race Holland Season 2 Grand Finale


September 24, 2021

Episode 1: "Who's That Queen?"

Airdate: August 6, 2021


It's time to find Holland's Next Drag Superstar! Are you ready for a new set of epic queens? They are stronger, fiercer and funnier than ever! Our ten queens are challenged to show where their strength lies in a talent show. Everything is allowed, as long as they leave a good first impression with the jury members... So racers, start the engines and may the best drag queen win!

10 queens worden uitgedaagd om te laten zien waar hun kracht ligt in een talentenshow. Alles mag, zolang ze maar een goede eerste indruk achterlaten bij de juryleden. Dus racers, start de motoren en moge de beste drag queen winnen!


"Talent Show" Title Card

  • Special Guests: Season 1 Cast
  • Guest Judge: Elise Schaap
  • Maxi Challenge: Talent Show
  • Runway Theme: Nightlife Extravaganza
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Keta Minaj
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and a Sonos Speaker Set worth €1000
  • Bottom Two: Juicy Kutoure and Reggy B
  • Lip Sync Song: "Physical" by Dua Lipa
  • Eliminated: Juicy Kutoure
  • Farewell Message: "Niet vergeten... poseren teef x Juicy Stinkhoer"

Entrance Order

1 Reggy B
2 Ivy-Elyse
3 Juicy Kutoure
4 My Little Puny
5 Vivaldi
6 Tabitha
7 Love Masisi
8 The Countess
9 Vanessa van Cartier
10 Keta Minaj
Queen Runway Inspiration Talent
Vivaldi Nightly Nature Burlesque VivaldiTalentShow
Ivy-Elyse Explosion of Joy Silk Veil Poi Ivy-ElyseTalentShow
My Little Puny Club Clit Pole Dancing MyLittlePunyTalentShow
Reggy B Amsterdam Club Kid Rapping ReggyBTalentShow
Tabitha Burlesque Bosom Salsa Dancing TabithaTalentShow
Love Masisi Studio 54 Singing LoveMasisiTalentShow
The Countess Living in Latex Piano TheCountessTalentShow
Juicy Kutoure Showgirl Butterfly Posing/Spoken Word JuicyKutoureTalentShow
Vanessa van Cartier The Queen in the Moon Performance Art VanessaVanCartierTalentShow
Keta Minaj Goddess of the Night Magic KetaMinajTalentShow

Episode 2: "Ooh, I Got Sunburned!"

Airdate: August 13, 2021


Whether you're staying in a luxury resort, or deciding to vacation closer to home, as the next Dutch drag superstar you need to know the best way to sell your garments...Because the world is your runway!

Of je nu in een luxe resort verblijft, of besluit dichter bij huis vakantie te vieren: als Next Dutch Drag Superstar moet je weten als de beste hoe je je kleding moet verkopen! De wereld is één grote runway!

  • Guest Judge: Soundos El Ahmadi
  • Mini Challenge: Photoshoot on a bike in a storm.
  • Mini Challenge Winner: The Countess
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Headstart to picking out materials
  • Maxi Challenge: Sew an outfit and a handbag using unconventional materials.
  • Runway Theme: Glamping Couture
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: The Countess
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and a Bernina sewing machine worth €1000
  • Bottom Two: Ivy-Elyse and Reggy B
  • Lip Sync Song: "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston
  • Eliminated: Reggy B
  • Farewell Message: "This is the beginning of the rest of your lives ♡ Reggy B Always in your area."
Windy Cycling Photoshoot

Glamping Couture

Queen Runway Inspiration
Ivy-Elyse Sleepingbag Beauty
Keta Minaj Glamping Rock
Love Masisi From Route 66 tot de A2
My Little Puny Inflatable Glam Puny
Reggy B Sleepy B
Tabitha Buttoned Shade Dress
The Countess Crocodile Dandy
Vanessa van Cartier Glam Camp Mosquito Fighter
Vivaldi Sneaky Sneakout

Episode 3: "Icons Only (Snatch Game)"

Airdate: August 20, 2021


The queens have to put their best foot forward in a very challenging dance challenge, but there's no time to rest because they have to get ready to play the Snatch Game! If you make people laugh, you’ll be loved forever, and that is exactly what they want, so the queens have to make sure to deliver those jokes! If they can’t, they might want to ask their favorite icons for some advice

De queens zetten hun beste beentje voor in een uitdagende dance battle: we gaan back naar de 90's met Hakkuh op hakken. Verder moeten de queens laten zien wat ze aan comedytalent in huis hebben. Ze kiezen een favoriete celebrity in proberen in de stijl van die persoon gevatte en grappig antwoorden te geven.


"Snatch Game" Title Card

  • Special Guest: Elise Schaap
  • Guest Judge: Buddy Vedder
  • Mini Challenge: Hakken op Hakken
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Ivy-Elyse
  • Mini Challenge Prize: 10 pairs of heels courtesy of Silhouette
  • Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game
  • Runway Theme: Monster's Ball
  • Maxi Challenge Winners: Keta Minaj and Vivaldi
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and €1000, courtesy of House of Bratz
  • Bottom Two: Ivy-Elyse and Love Masisi
  • Lip Sync Song: "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" by Celine Dion
  • Eliminated: Love Masisi
  • Farewell Message: "Lieve girls, Please take care of your inner Masisi's cause no one else will Love I♥ Masisi ♥"

Monster's Ball

Queen Runway Inspiration Snatch Game Character
Ivy-Elyse Devil Fish Queen Cardi B
Keta Minaj Ketarella, Queen of the Ball Sophie Anderson
Love Masisi Marriage of Me and My Beautiful Demon Grace Jones
My Little Puny Arachnophobia Marijke Helwegen
Tabitha Miss Venom Kim Holland
The Countess Don't Say My Name 3 Times Louis XIV
Vanessa van Cartier How Is Your Head? Queen Mathilde of Belgium
Vivaldi Thalassophobia Nikkie Plessen

Episode 4: "Cinderella in Mokum"

Airdate: August 27, 2021


With the clock ticking away, the remaining six queens are getting to know each other better and better. And with all hang-ups and peculiarities out in the open it’s time for some good ol’ reading! And when the clock strikes twelve? Bibbidi bobbidi boo!!! Dreams come true when you make them happen! Cinderella is joined by an all star cast of fairytale icons in this season's Rusical, full of mishap and mayhem: CindeRUella!

Terwijl de klok wegtikt, leren de zes overgebleven queens elkaar steeds beter kennen. En nu ieders eigenaardigheden en irritante karaktereigenschappen steeds meer duidelijk worden, is het tijd om elkaar eens flink te roasten. En als de klok twaalf slaat? Dan komen Assepoester, Sneeuwwitje, Doornroosje, Roodkapje, de boze stiefmoeder en kwaaie stiefzusters tot leven! Het is tijd voor de Rusical CindeRUella.


"Cinderulla" Title Card

  • Special Guest: Dusty Gersanowitz
  • Guest Judge: Freek Bartels
  • Mini Challenge: Reading is Fundamental
  • Mini Challenge Winner: My Little Puny
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Assigning roles in the rusical.
  • Maxi Challenge: CindeRulla: the Rusical
  • Runway Theme: Statements on the Runway
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: My Little Puny
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and €1000, courtesy of Loods 5.
  • Bottom Two: The Countess and Ivy-Elyse
  • Lip Sync Song: "Free Your Mind" by En Vogue
  • Eliminated: Ivy-Elyse
  • Farewell Message: "Lieve meiden, ik ga jullie zo ontzettend missen. Love you all, en blijf altijd een trut. x Ivy-Elyse"

Statements on the Runway

Queen Runway Inspiration CindeRulla Role
Ivy-Elyse Stop Asian Hate Gerda the Mermaid
Keta Minaj Mental Illness Little Red Riding Hood
My Little Puny Addiction DJ Prince
Fairy Godmother
Tabitha Bodyshaming Mama
The Countess Breaking Boundaries Sleeping Beauty
Vanessa van Cartier Trans Pride Cinderulla
Vivaldi Deforestation Snow White

Episode 5: "Dearly Beloved (Family Resemblance)"

Airdate: September 3, 2021


As tiny as The Netherlands are as a country: on April 1, 2001 the Dutchies took the world stage by being the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. At midnight four couples got married in Amsterdam. 20 years later one of these couples Dolf and Gert are still going strong and reliving the magical moment of getting married. This time the officials on duty are none other than our queens. And it’s a family affair all the way through the end this episode with the queens slaying the runway with their beloved ones.

Waar een klein landje groot in kan zijn: op 1 april 2001 bestormden de Nederlanders het wereldtoneel door als eerste land ter wereld het homohuwelijk te legaliseren. Om middernacht trouwden vier stellen in Amsterdam. Twintig jaar later is een van deze stellen, Dolf en Gert, nog steeds zielsgelukkig samen. Ze herbeleven vijf keer het magische moment van hun bruiloft. En dit keer zijn de ambtenaren van dienst niemand minder dan de queens.

  • Special Guests: Dolf Pasker and Gert Kasteel
  • Guest Judge: Alex Klaasen
  • Mini Challenge: Officiating a gay wedding
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Keta Minaj
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Beauty Products courtesy of John Beerens
  • Maxi Challenge: Makeover Challenge
  • Runway Theme: Roots
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Vanessa van Cartier
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and €1000, courtesy of The Make-Up Studio
  • Bottom Three: My Little Puny, Tabitha and The Countess
  • Lip Sync Song: "Call Me Mother" by RuPaul
  • Eliminated: The Countess
  • Farewell Message: "Lieve lieve queens. Dank jullie wel voor alles. Love you en juices. Hoogachtend The Countess"


Queen Makeover Member Relationship Runway Inspiration
Keta Minaj Joyce Mother Asian Persuasion
My Little Puny Kim Sister Drawn Together
Tabitha Germaine Sister The Butterfly Effect
The Countess Lot Best Friend Blondes In The City
Vanessa van Cartier Stevie Partner The Power of Love
Vivaldi Karin Mother Crochet You Stay

Episode 6: "Spill the Coffee"

Airdate: September 10, 2021


Survival of the Fiercest! There are only five queens left in the race so it’s time to speed things up. Which of the queens will be crowned queen of daytime television? They will have to be sharper than their nails because the teleprompter has no mercy. With more and more at stake, tensions are mounting, and when it turns out that one of the queens has broken the rules, the bomb explodes!

Er zijn nog vijf queens in de race. Wie van hen wordt gekroond tot koningin van de dagtelevisie? De queens moeten scherper zijn dan hun nagels, want de autocue kent geen genade. Nu er steeds meer op het spel staat, lopen de spanningen op. Als blijkt dat een van de queens zich niet aan de regels heeft gehouden, barst de bom.


"Koffie Meid" Title Card

  • Special Guest: Catherine Keyl
  • Guest Judge: Merol
  • Mini Challenge: Memory Game with the Pit Crew
  • Mini Challenge Winner: My Little Puny
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Choose her role first
  • Maxi Challenge: Host the morning talk show "Coffee Maid" (Dutch: "Koffie Meid"), a parody of the Dutch show "Koffietijd".
  • Runway Theme: Opposites Attract
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Keta Minaj
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and a €1000 voucher from Mr. B
  • Bottom Two: Tabitha and Vivaldi
  • Lip Sync Song: "Lekker met de Meiden" by Merol
  • Eliminated: Tabitha
  • Farewell Message: "Girls, this is only the beginning! I love you. Do it x Tabitha"

Opposites Attract

Queen Runway Inspiration
Keta Minaj Yin & Yang
My Little Puny Love & Hate
Tabitha From a Wedding to a Funeral
Vanessa van Cartier Death & Life
Vivaldi Cupid & Cupidon't

Episode 7: "Whodunnit"

Airdate: September 17, 2021


It's time for the semi-finals! The last four queens take part in a Miss Match competition, but not as themselves: like each other! As a queen you have to be a drag-of-all-trades. You must be able to perform, do make-up, dance, and make your own costumes, but can the semifinalists also solve a murder case? For the maxi challenge they play a role in the spine-chilling detective story, “Murder on the Heel”. This does not end well for one queen!

Het is tijd voor de halve finale! De laatste vier queens nemen deel aan een missverkiezing... als elkaar! Ook spelen de queens een rol in de ijzingwekkende detective 'De Moord Op De Hak'. En dit loopt voor één queen niet goed af...


"Miss Match" Title Card

  • Special Guest: Ferry Doedens
  • Guest Judges: Glennis Grace and Tina de Bruin
  • Mini Challenge: Impersonate a castmate in the "Miss Match" pageant.
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Vanessa van Cartier
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Assigning roles in the acting challenge.
  • Maxi Challenge: Act in the murder mystery "When the Heel Kills" (Dutch: "De Moord op de Hak").
  • Runway Theme: Double Dutch
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: My Little Puny
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A badge and a handmade jewelry set courtesy of Aster Lab worth €1000
  • Bottom Two: Keta Minaj and Vivaldi
  • Lip Sync Song: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen
  • Eliminated: Keta Minaj
  • Farewell Message: "Lieve meiden, wat er ook gebeurt, wees truts op jezelf x Keta"

Double Dutch

Queen Runway Inspiration "When the Heel Kills" Role Who Should Go Home Tonight?
Keta Minaj Rembrandt Muse Carla Vivaldi
My Little Puny Come Back To Bed, Fred Poes Vanessa van Cartier
Vanessa van Cartier Miffy With A Spliffy Pets Vivaldi
Vivaldi VivaVenga Fantasy De Quoque My Little Puny

Top Three of Season 2

Queen Challenge Wins Up for Elimination
DRHTeamMyLittlePuny 2
(Eps. 4, 7)
(Ep. 5)
DRHTeamVanessa 1
(Ep. 5)
DRHTeamVivaldi 1
(Ep. 3)
(Eps. 6, 7)

Episode 8: "Drag Race Holland Season 2 Grand Finale"

Airdate: September 24, 2021


Welcome to the grand finale of Drag Race Holland! For their very last challenge, the queens have to record a video clip with a special guest! The bar is set high because the finish line is in sight. They must write lyrics, sing, and dance like their lives depend on it because it's the last chance to show why they should win the crown and walk away with the coveted title of Dutch Drag Superstar!

Welkom bij de grote finale! Voor hun allerlaatste challenge moeten de queens een videoclip opnemen met Famke Louise. Ze moeten teksten schrijven, zingen en dansen alsof hun leven ervan af hangt. Wie gaat er vandoor met de felbegeerde titel 'Dutch Drag Superstar'?


"Podcast" Title Card


"Finale" Title Card


Regular Judges Promos

Gallery pic
Check out the lookbook gallery to see the contestants' looks from each episode.
Elim Gallery pic
Check out the lookbook gallery to see the contestants' planned looks for each episode.
Check out the video gallery to see challenge performances, runways, lip syncs, and more!


  • Drag Race Holland Season 2 is the first season...
    • To have a transgender queen.
  • Drag Race Holland Season 2 is the second season....
    • ... to have episodes with different names depending on what streaming platform it aired on.
      • Episode 2 was titled Oeh Chiiiile, I Got Sunburned! on Videoland while on WOW Presents Plus, it was titled Ooh, I Got Sunburned![7][8]
      • Episode 3 was titled Icons Only (Snatchgame) on Videoland while on WOW Presents Plus, it was slighty changed to Icons Only (Snatch Game).[9][10]
      • Episode 8 was titled Finale on Videoland while on WOW Presents Plus, it was titled Drag Race Holland Season 2 Grand Finale.[11]
  • Drag Race Holland Season 2 is the third season...
  • For this season, Fred's makeup was done by Season 1 winner Envy Peru.
  • This season features the first Transgender queen to compete on Drag Race Holland, Vanessa van Cartier.
  • The song used for the Hakken op Hakken mini challenge was 'Rainbow In The Sky' by DJ Paul Elstak.
  • This season has produced a total of one returning contestant: