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This article is about content that has yet to be released. Some of the information may be inaccurate or likely to change.

The third season of Drag Race Thailand was officially announced by World of Wonder on October 17, 2023.[2]

It was revealed on November 14, 2023 that Pangina Heals would be returning as the host.[1]

Casting opened on December 7, 2023, with deadline of December 31.[3]

Before being announced by World of Wonder in 2023, vice-president of Kantana, Tae Kantana, announced on July 16, 2021 via Instagram that Drag Race Thailand would have a third season.[4] Despite Tae's announcement, Kantana's license of Drag Race Thailand expired due to the prolonged hiatus of the series, as revealed by Art Arya.[5]

Rumored Contestants

These contestants are currently rumored to be on the third season of Drag Race Thailand.[6]

(Biographical information stated from during time of contest)

Contestant[6] Photo Age Location
Benze Diva BenzedivaRumoredMug TBA TBA
Frankie Wonga FrankieWongaRumoredMug TBA TBA
Gawdland GawdlandRumoredMug TBA TBA
Gigi Ferocious GigiFerociousRumoredMug TBA TBA
Kara Might KaraMightRumoredMug TBA TBA
Nane Sphera NaneSpheraRumoredMug TBA TBA
Siam PhuSri SiamPhuSriRumoredMug TBA TBA
Spicy Sunshine SpicySunshineRumoredMug TBA TBA
Srirasha Hot Sauce SrirachaHotSauceRumoredMug TBA TBA
The Shortgun TheShortgunRumoredMug TBA TBA
Zepee ZepeeRumoredMug TBA TBA



  • Drag Race Thailand Season 3 currently holds the record for the longest gap in production between seasons, with a 5 year period between Season 2 and Season 3.


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