Elektra Shock is the stage name of James Luck, a New Zealand-based drag queen who competed on the second season House of Drag where she placed second overall. Elektra would later compete on the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under.

Name Origin

Her drag name was given to her by her drag mother and Season 1 of House of Drag contestant, Trinity Ice.

Track Record(s)

Elektra Shock
Statistics HoD2 DRDU1
Ranking: 2nd Place
Main Challenges Won: 4 (Eps. 2, 3, 4, 9) TBA
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 5) TBA
Mini-Challenges Won: 0 TBA
Times in Bottom Two: 0 TBA
Episode Eliminated: Episode 10 TBA

Memorable Quotes

  • "TBA"


  • Elektra is the drag daughter of Season 1 of House of Drag contestant Trinity Ice.
  • Elektra is the first contestant to win more than one challenge on House of Drag.
    • She is also the first contestant to win two and three challenges in a row.
    • She is also the first contestant to win a total of four challenges.
  • Elektra is the first House of Drag contestant to place as a runner-up to a winner who had less wins.
    • She is also the first contestant to never place in the bottom and not win the season.
  • Elektra is the third Drag Race contestant to have competed on another drag series, after Gia Gunn and Kandy Ho.
    • She is the first to have competed on a series with no relations to the Drag Race franchise.
      • She is also the first to have made her debut on a non-Drag Race series.
  • She's the first contestant to compete against the judges of the previous show she was, Anita Wigl'it and Kita Mean.


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