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Elliott with 2 Ts is the stage name of Elliott Puckett, a drag queen and dancer based in Las Vegas, Nevada and a contestant on Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

"Elliott Puckett" is her real name, while "Elliott with 2 Ts" is a reference to her name being written with a double T, in contrast with the given name "Elliot" being usually written with just one.

Track Record(s)

Elliott with 2 Ts
Season Competed: Season 13
Ranking: 9th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 6)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 2 (Eps. 7, 9)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 9

Memorable Quotes

Season 13

  • "I'm the queen you want to see, Elliott with 2 Ts, OK! Get into it!" (entrance quote)
  • "Porkchop? I don't like porkchops."
  • "♪ My hair is snatched, you looking ratch', compared to me there ain't no match! Brightest one up in the batch, when it comes to fish I'm the biggest catch! Underdog, that's what it took, changing the game, rewrote the book. All you queens better take a look, my name is Elliott, why, you shook? ♪" (verse in "ConDragulations")
  • "All that pump, henny!"
  • "So why didn't you jump up?" (to Tamisha Iman)
  • "What's for dinner?"
  • "Hey mom! I don't get to fly under the radar anymore! I get to be a woman!!" (Exit Quote)


  • "TBA"

Farewell Message

"It took ya'll hoes 4 times to get Rid of me!!! Be kind and make it HOE! xoxo Elliott with 2 Ts."


  • Elliott is a professional ballet dancer.
  • Elliott has lived in Welland, Ontario, Canada and North Greenwich, London, England.
  • Elliott is a fan of Family Guy.
  • Elliott turned 27 while filming the fifth episode of Season 13.
  • She was supposed to replace Derrick Barry playing Britney Spears for Divas, but the show was ultimately cancelled.
  • She is the drag niece of Kennedy Davenport but it is unknown as to who she is related to, to become Kennedy's niece.
  • Elliott auditioned twice before being cast on Season 13.
  • Elliott is the second Drag Race contestant to have a number in her drag name, after Alaska (whose actual drag name is Alaska Thunderfuck 5000).
  • Elliott is the first ever contestant to be eliminated twice on the same season and still get brought back into the competition.
    • She "got the Porkchop" after losing her premiere lip sync (alongside Kahmora Hall) to Tina Burner and was later voted off by the six other losing contestants. RuPaul brought her back the next episode and Elliott competed alongside the winning queens.
    • With her elimination in episode 9, Elliott is the first contestant to be "eliminated" thrice in a single season.
  • At thirteen years old, Elliott was diagnosed with clinical depression.
  • Elliott is the second queen to portray Rue McClanahan in the Snatch Game, after Crystal. They also both fell in the bottom 2 after their performances, but Crystal was not eliminated.
  • Elliott loves flamingos, and in fact, feels she embodies them. In fact, her promo look has her resembling the stance of a flamingo.


Season 13 Looks

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