Envy Peru, also known as Miss Envy Peru, is the stage name of Boris Itzkovich Escobar, a drag performer and one of the Season 1 contestants of Drag Race Holland.

Drag Name Origin

Her first name comes from a friend who told her she wanted to name her future daughter 'Envy'.

Furthermore, 'Peru' is a reference to her Peruvian roots.

Track Record(s)

Envy Peru
Seasons Competed: DRH 1
Ranking: TBA
Maxi Challenges Won: 4 (Eps. 2, 4, 5, 6)
Mini Challenges Won: 2 (Ep. 2, 7)
Times Placed High: 0
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 2)
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 0
Episode Eliminated: TBA

Memorable Quotes

  • "Je dacht toch niet dat ik het feestje echt aan mij voorbij liet gaan?" ("You didn't think I'd let the party pass me by, did you?") (entrance quote)
  • "Will Koopman ik hoop dat je me ziet meid. Oeh, talent is born!" ("Will Koopman I hope you see me girl. Oh, talent is born!")
  • "I just peed.”
  • "Girl, really?! Ik kijk Janey aan en we zitten echt zo van: girl, what the fuck is this? We're both not having this. Nee, echt niet!" ("Girl, really?! I look at Janey and we're like: girl, what the fuck is this? We're both not having this. No way!") (Upon hearing Abby made it to the finale)


  • Envy Peru was originally born in Peru, but moved to the Netherlands at the age of 4.
  • Envy is the first Peruvian to participate in Drag Race.
  • Envy is able to speak Spanish, English & Dutch.
  • Envy, along with Miss Abby OMG & Ivy-Elyse Monroe, founded the drag house "Mermaids Mansion".
  • Previously to Drag Race, Envy starred in BNNVARA's 'De Diva in Mij' ('The Diva in Me'), a Dutch TV-show where regular woman received makeovers from drag queens.
    • She did this alongside fellow-drag queens Hoax Lebeau and Lady Galore. The latter of which is Miss Abby OMG and Patty Pam-Pam's drag mother.
  • At the reveal of Season 1 of Drag Race Holland, Envy is the most followed queen on social media in the region of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) & out of any contestant on her season, surpassing 100K followers after the first episode aired.
  • Envy was the first queen of Drag Race Holland to get verified on Instagram.
  • Envy Peru collaborated with NikkieTutorials and Vogue Magazine previously to Drag Race Holland. NikkieTutorials would go on to be a guest judge in episode 2.
  • She's been inspired by Miss Fame ever since she started drag.
  • Envy is the first contestant of Drag Race Holland to win 2, 3, and 4 challenges.
  • Envy thinks Megan Schoonbrood should win Miss Congeniality.
  • Envy Peru got the scar on her chin at 4, when a dog bit her.
  • Envy is the second queen to win three consecutive main challenges in a regular season, after Angele Anang.
  • Envy is the first and only queen to win 4 solo main challenges by the sixth competitive episode.
    • Taking shared wins and runway challenges into consideration, Envy would be the second queen to accomplish the four wins by six episodes, after Angele Anang.
    • Envy is the fifth queen overall to win four main challenges on a regular season of Drag Race, after Sharon Needles, Shea Couleé, Angele Anang and Gigi Goode.
  • Envy is the first queen to win Snatch Game on Drag Race Holland.
  • Envy is the third queen in the Drag Race franchise to never place below SAFE in her respective season.


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